Stop and Smell the Flowers!

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Tiny wonders everywhere!

This morning I was pleasantly surprised when I spied this little fairy sniffing daffodils before she scampered through the arbor giggling .

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Dreaming of Spring

Spring Dreaming.

Click on link below for a fairy fine spring video.












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Music: Seamstress to the Fairies, original composition on electric mbira.




Spring Is Here!

Lula Belle is the tallest of the Home Place Fairy Folk and because of this one fact she is the first of the fairies to emerge from their winter chambers each and every spring.

Her job is to determine exactly when the spring winds are just right for sprinkling  fairy dust on the blueberry fields here in Maine.







Today the sun came out from behind the clouds as a gentle wind blew in from the north west. Lula Belle determined these conditions were perfect for dusting the fields.











Lulla Belle calls out to her fairy companions,  “Come, sprinkle fairy dust to help encourage the blueberries to flourish and grow. ” The other fairies are feeling rather shy after spending the long cold winter in their cozy chambers. They’ve not once opened their wings to flutter or fly all winter and are feeling a bit timid and shy about doing so after all this time.











The smallest of the fairies, being the most curious sets off, following a sparkle of Lula Belle’s fairy dust which leads to a cluster of human children who’ve heard the fairies whispering and seen their twinkling lights.











The fairies chose to shape shift, increasing their size so they can play with the children while they work their magic. This is a privilege allowed to fairies on a single spring day each and every year for one a single hour.







A little girl leads the fairies to the Sacred Cairn of Rocks where another child waits.








Everywhere the fairies run is illuminated by sparkling fairy dust twinkling and bright.








Together with the children by their sides the fairies look over the magnificent countryside and honor the vast landscape which lay before them. Being fairies they find they are eager not only to run with the children but to soar across the fields and fly!







The fairies continue playing with the children as they sprinkle the blueberry fields all alight with their magical dust. When twilight sets in they will shape shift back to their original sizes, say goodbye to their human companions and fly back to their magical chambers as the children walk home.










Lula Belle will be the last of the fairy folk to leave. She is happy how everywhere she looks is now sparkled bright with fairy dust to nourish the blueberry fields all through the springtime, twinkling and shimmering each and every night.



Fairy School

Just saying….

Fairy School













Tiny Slumber

During daylight’s hottest hours, Home Place Fairy Folk enter the Enchanted Forest seeking shade.

After a morning of hard work tending gardens they rest, napping inside cozy chambers hidden deep within an ancient oak tree.

Fairy Chambers










It is during the cooler hours of dawn and again at twilight that fairies dance into gardens, scattering fairy dust, helping plants to flourish and grow.





Fairy Garden Dreaming

Winter has passed








Winter has finally passed.

Spring Fairies








The gardens are awakening and the Fairies are too.

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Oh, such magical wonders of nature.

spring beckons (2)







Magic happens in every garden, all you have to do is look.







Springtime in Fairyland

The fairy folk have been quiet this past month as spring has been late to arrive in these north country hills.

Recently I caught sight of these two fairies out and about enjoying an afternoon of welcome sun.






Home Place Fairies practice gentle acts of kindness by sharing as well as always lending a helping hand.







Old Horse is Guardian of the Home Place Faires, he watches over them and protects them. Tallulah Blue is one of the oldest of the Home Place Fairies, she is very beautiful and very wise.










Each spring Tallulah Blue along with her fairy friends NightinGale and Little Lu gather twigs of apple and pear which they dip into the enchanted waters of the Stream of Dreams making powerful wands.










All in all, just another magical day in Fairyland.





(After the Snows Pass) Maine Garden Magic

fairies everywhere always clear










The winter snows will eventually melt and spring will arrive followed by summer.

Long ago a small troop of Home Place Faires enchanted a garden on the north side of a small mountain somewhere in Maine.

If you would like to listen to some relaxing music and see some fairy colorful garden images please click below. Enjoy!

Maine Garden Magic. click to see slide show

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Dreaming of Spring

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Here Ye, Hear Ye… Spring is right around the corner!

Spring 2017 june (2)ab







The back meadow at my farm is visited daily by a flock of Robins as well as a gathering of Blue Jays.

How lovely the air smells, how soft the ground once hard has become beneath my rubber booted feet.

Old Horse in the Poppies










Soon fairies will awaken from their long winter slumber and leave the forest to join Old Horse and myself in the gardens.

Forest Fae









Come Spring










For now I tidy up the glass greenhouse readying to start planting seeds; I  water the pithouse more often now as the temperatures rise; the sun shines brighter and the days are longer and warmer.

Fairy Pit House









Please click on the link below to enjoy a happy little spring time video.


Come Spring (3)








Dreaming … Spring is just around the corner!

Old Horse and the Fairies










Horse Faes












Spring is right around the corner.

Spring Dreaming Fairy Garden in Maine

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