Harvesting Flowers

These brilliant red monarda flowers cozied up to a bit of magenta phlox and day lilies are a brilliant bit of Maine Garden Magic.










Harvesting Fairy dusted flowers for arrangements is one of the most pleasant ways I can think of to spend a morning, or an entire day.










Flowers sprinkled with fairy dust have a certain something extra special about them










and are welcome at both happy celebrations as well as those which are sad.







Fairy dusted flowers shimmer and glow,










spreading goodwill and cheer wherever they go.








Whether one stem or pots of plenty, flowers aim to comfort and please.







A single pinch of fairy dust encourages flowers to sprout, blossom and grow.










Happy first day of August from Seamstress to the Fairies!








A Garden Point of View

Here is a north facing view of my  garden taken this afternoon from beneath the grape and hops arbor. Pink and magenta astilbe and brilliant red monardas are in full bloom.

thru grape arbor hop vines








Many things need tending to on the farm this time of year. The pithouse and glass greenhouse need constant monitoring and weeding has become a  daily meditation. At the end of each day I harvest fresh greens, kohlrabi, pok choi and tomatoes,  flowers, kale and herbs.




Glimpses of The Grand Fairy Spring Ball

An invitation to any Fairy Ball is a great honor for a mortal being and few are ever invited. As Seamstress to the Fairies I am generously included on the guest list of each and every Home Place Fairy Ball. This year’s Grand Fairy Spring Ball was held recently on a secret date, at a secret time, in a very secret location. As a privileged guest and human I am sworn to secrecy and cannot divulge information regarding this fairy tradition with any being outside of the fairy kingdom. However when the Fairy Congress gathered together at their annual meeting this year they voted to grant me special permission to tell a teeny tiny bit about the Ball and share a few snapshots with my readers. Thank you Fairy Congress!











I began preparing for the Spring Ball early in the morning on the day of whose name and date I cannot say. After dressing in a gown of tea stained silk adorned with flowers and vines I waited patiently as fireflies wove a crown across my hair. Jewelry is very important to fairy folk especially on occasions this grand. Besides loving everything that glitters and shines fairies believe precious gems bestow powers on those who wear them. I seldom wear jewelry of  any sort and the fairies respect this about me even though they do not understand it.

grand fairy spring ball








Fairy folk  believe jewelry offers protection as well as heightens the awareness of it’s wearer and since I do not wear precious metals or stones they like to surprise me each season with a special  brooch made not from gold or silver, nor diamonds or gems…but from miraculous beauties with great powers who are still living and want to be chosen. Last year I wore a lovely living Monarch Butterfly, the year before that a Swallowtail. One year a tiny hummingbird! I could not even begin to guess what sort of living brooch would await me this season.

A Living Luna Moth Brooch

A Living Luna Moth Brooch










When I entered my wardrobe chamber on the eve of this year’s Grand Fairy Spring Ball a lovely Luna Moth sat waiting with wings so soft and light and green. Allowing me a few moments to take in the full visual splendor of her beauty she carefully fluttered onto my gown’s neckline gently positioning herself for comfort. Luna would become my escort for the evening, a stunning living brooch she would  guide me to the secret glen where the Grand Fairy Spring Ball would take place.

10 Grinding stardust into powder







Meanwhile outside my wardrobe chamber a small group of Home Place Fairies gathered, grinding stardust into powder, precious and fine. This powder would become fairy dust to be sprinkled upon all attendees enhancing their magical powers, while deepening the enchantment of the evenings festivities.

Preparing for the ball







Brunhilde Toad and her sister Trixie were also preparing for the festivities.  They took turns bathing in preparation for the Ball. Toad’s are magical beings and Trixie and Brunhilde are always invited to The Grand Fairy Spring Ball. They live together in Madeline’s rooming house and share many comfortable furnishings. Being magical toads they pretty much have whatever they wish for.

Brunhilde waits










Brunhilde Toad relaxes while she waits for her sister Trixie to get ready for the Ball.

Tiny Wonders










Remember this shy little fairy whose dress I made and wrote about several blogs ago?

to the fairy ball










Well  she made it to the Ball and had a wonderful time!

Fairy Waltz









This season’s Grand Fairy Spring Ball was like a beautiful dream, pan pipes were played, songs were sung, harps were played along with kalimbas, a zither and a fife…magic filled the air. A great feast was prepared including one large lobster brought by the Selkie Folk which fed hundreds of Fae. Blueberry nectar tea was served, along with sweet cakes , lavender rolls and rhubarb pies, peach crumble, apple crisp, blackberry tarts, and rose petal jam . The trolls brought their own food made from ingredients of which none would say. Owl came, fox and deer, as wildlings are all friends of the Fae. I waltzed the waltz of the fairy folk as we danced all through the night and into the next day.



Midnight in the Children’s Garden of Earthly Delight

Midnight is a mysterious hour filled with enchantments.











When the sun has set for the day; when evening stars shine bright, Fairy Folk  enjoy the coolness of twilight on a midsummer night.



Poppies, Poppies Everywhere

It’s finally raining here on the north side of a small mountain in Maine and the garden is filled with poppies much to the Fairies delight.

poppies (2)








7 16 blog poppy (2)










Papaver somniferum is a beautiful poppy and adds a burst of color on an overcast day.

poppies (4)








Old Horse walks among the poppies communing with his Fairy friends.

poppies (3)








Poppies come in a variety of colors, all shades of whites, reds, pinks, and lavenders too.

7 16 blog poppy (1)










Fairy Folk are responsible for coloring the poppies here in my garden. This year they selected a palate of red and shades of pink. I  love surprises and long ago decided I was more than happy to let the Fairy Folk  do as they please and paint the petals whatever colors they wish.

Poppys (2)










After the rains pass the Poppy petals will fall exposing  large seed “heads” which the sun will dry. Inside each Poppy head thousands of teeny seeds will form.

7 16 blog poppy (4)










Later when the time is right you can shake the Poppy’s heads and hear the little dried seeds rattle within. Now is the time to tip the heads and collect these tiny dark seeds which you can store in paper envelopes for planting early next spring, or sprinkle that very moment onto the soil where you want them just like the plants themselves do. Each little seed has her own internal time clock and she will rest on top of the soil gradually being worked in by the rains and later the snows that will come. The seeds will rest beneath the soil this way slumbering until spring when the weather is just right and the Fairies awaken them to once again sprout, blossom and grow. Poppies with the Fairies assistance and a gentle human gardener lending a hand will repeat this cycle over and over, year after year.

7 16 blog poppy (3)








Sometimes if you look closely into the heart of a flower’s center you just might see a mischievous fairy face smiling back at you.

Poppy Fairy Face












A Fairy Fine Horse

Old Horse and Nightingale, she whispers while they walk.

Old Horse and Nightingale, she whistles while they walk.







Fairy Best Friends

Fairy Best Friends.












Just Before the Rain Came

Home Place Fairies were busy dusting the gardens in front of my little farmhouse this morning rushing to get all their chores done before the weather changed.

June Morning





As Fairies dusted, I planted vegetable and flower seedlings knowing the welcome rains would help to settle the little plantings in.

Home Place Fairies are magical beings so naturally they had their chores done in a flash while it took me rather a long while to complete my tasks.

Fae Morning May (4)










Meanwhile the Fairies met a little girl wandering about in the gardens, they complimented her on the clothing she wore, which matched the lilacs in bloom. The child was very polite and she curtsied as she thanked them. Being Fairies they absolutely adore polite children and so asked her to dance, which she did!

Fae Morning May (3)










Yes, I got soaked; the rain fell just as I finished planting the last seedling.

I looked about for the little girl and Fairy Folk but they were no where to be seen.

Eagle of Hope


Bald Eagle whose latin name Haleaectus leucocphalus means "white headed sea eagle".

Bald Eagle whose Latin name Haliaeetus leucoephalus means “white headed sea eagle”.

Totem:  A natural object or animal believed to have great power and spiritual significance, often used as a symbol. Eagle as Totem: Acknowledged by Native Americans in their Medicine Wheel as a Spirit Keeper, a power animal who represents the East where the sun rises.They believe eagle is a visionary who brings the ability to stay focused and that those graced with meeting an eagle are said to receive the gifts of clarity, insight, wisdom and new beginnings. Eagle has keen vision, possessing a strong connection between earth and sky.

On the first day of June this handsome Bald Eagle swooped down upon two family members, a father and daughter as they stood in their dooryard. Startled they called to older sister and mother to come see this magnificent bird who after breezing past them calmly perched in a maple tree not far from where they stood. A short while later the Wizard and I arrived to find the two children sitting very still on a wood pile beneath this tree, their parents standing beside them, looking up in awe. The children frantically pointed upwards, too excited to speak. There calmly sat a proud Bald Eagle, unperturbed by our gathering. As we watched he quietly left his perch, swooped down low before us, then gracefully soared skyward, far above to the places all hopes and dreams go .

a (2)

Bald Eagles are birds of prey also called raptors. They have excellent eyesight and can see for up to a mile. These birds have large hooked beaks and sharp talons on the ends of their toes designed for catching, holding and lifting prey as well as for defense. Their voices are high pitched and shrill, often described as twittering. Diet consists primarily of fish and small mammals, including dead and decaying ones. Bald Eagles fly up to 30 miles per hour and can dive at speeds close to 100 mph. With an average body length of 37 inches and weighing 10 to 14 pounds the females are slightly larger than the males and can have a 7 foot plus wingspan.

Bald Eagles live near coastal waterways, lakes and rivers as fish make up 60 to 90 percent of their diet. They mate for life, building nests together high in the tops of large trees. Nests can measure 10 feet across and may take over 2 weeks to build. Eagles are territorial and a mated pair may return to the same nest for several years. Females lay 1 to 3 eggs in early spring, usually 2, which incubate for 35 days and hatch in late May or early June here in Maine. Both male and females sit on the eggs and raise their young eaglets together until the juvenile eagles leave the nest after about 13 weeks. Young Bald Eagles are mottled brownish and white in color and it takes 5 years for their head and tail feathers to turn white. Mature eagles are dark brown with a pure white head and tail feathers. Bald Eagles are found throughout the continent of North America with the largest populations found in the Pacific Northwest. They migrate in winter to places where the water does not freeze over so they can continue to catch fish their favorite food source.

On June 20, 1782 the Bald Eagle became the official emblem of the United States, a living symbol representing our nations freedom and strength. Bald Eagles have been a protected species since 1940 and it is against the law for humans to hunt or capture them. These majestic eagles can live up to 35 years.


Springtime Greenery


Spring greenery has begun, flowers have begun to blossom and fairies take delight.

Adventures in Fairyland (10)_1680x945






Adventures in Fairyland (6)_788x1050










Adventures in Fairyland (9)_1575x1050

















Adventures in Fairyland (4)_1210x1050









Adventures in Fairyland (7)_1150x1050









Magic happens everywhere, all one has to do is look!




Morning Has Broken









Fairies arrive at day break, sprinkling fairy dust all over and across the gardens. Every plant sparkles and the early morning air is thick with the sweet fragrance of Lilacs and the lovely Dame’s Rocket Phlox.



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