Live a Great Story

Magic is in the hands and hearts of all true believers.

magic is in the hands and hearts of all true believers (2)










Live your life like one big Great Story.

Express yourself,

Be adventurous,

Be creative,

Remain curious about the natural world around you.


My dear sister of the heart, Dory Anna is a friend of the fairy folk, she is also a seamstress who crafts beautiful  woolen capes made with love to last a lifetime.

Dory Anna began dreaming of and creating enchanting capes a long, long time ago; she now makes storybook capes for children in her Portland Maine studio.

Old Port Wool Cape







Dory Anna is someone who has lived a great story by following her heart and dreams.


Little Bit of Summer in the Pit House

Attached to our barn we have a pit greenhouse.

Fairy Pit Greenhouse (19)










Our so called Pit House is a greenhouse buried 8 feet deep into the earth with a southern facing glass roof.

Fairy Pit Greenhouse (2)





A wonderful haven where magic happens all year long.

Trixie Toad










Brunhilde Toad and her sister Trixie winter here, it is their version of the tropics.

A Pithouse story (4)










Amaryllis flowers blossom among large pots of  Rosemary and  Scented Geraniums.

A Pithouse story (11)_1050x1050










The earth banked sides retain solar warmth collected from the glass roof on sunny winter days.

A Pithouse story (12)




Fairy Folk visit with me as I tend  herbs on the warmest of the winter days. They sprinkle fairy dust about which encourages the plants to continue to sprout, blossom and grow.

A Pithouse story (30)










Some of my favorite children visit with the fairies as they help water the herbs sparingly during the long cold winter months.

A Pithouse story (6)







Spending an hour or two in this green and flowering little haven is truly magical, especially on a cold Maine winter day.

A Pithouse story (15)







I come from a long line of gardeners who were friends with the fairy folk, and many of them had pithouses as well as above ground glass greenhouses.








Each generation in my family there have been individuals who were friends with the Fairy Folk.

magic is in the hands and hearts of all true believers (1)










And each generation has had their own Memory Keeper. I am the Memory Keeper for my generation, as well I am known as Seamstress to the Fairies.

Home Place Fairy Dress








I make fairy clothing for the wee folk as well as enchanted wearable gardens for human believers of the Fae.

Home Place Fairy Tales










I‘ve also been known to write a fairy tale or two.

beyond the mountain (7)








In the winter when my gardens are asleep I enjoy spending quiet moments in my pit house enjoying the greenery and scent of herb flowers and warm rich earth on a snowy white day.

A Pithouse story (2)





Cinnamon is a fairy happy bunny who spends the winter residing in the warmth and flora of our pit house along with his pal Toast.










Cinnamon and Toast are fairy small rabbits and very friendly, they tend to the winter pruning of my rather large Rosemary plants.









A little nibble here and a little nibble there, they keep these shrubs tidy and tame.








They also like to munch on tender little weeds who poke up through the sand and gravel floor.

A Pithouse story (16)_788x1050










Rosemary sparkled with fairy dust.

A Pithouse story (7)





Here are some images of other pit greenhouse. They come in all sizes, but the concept is the same.

A Pithouse story (21)








A Pithouse story (16)









A Pithouse story (27)








A Pithouse story (25)








Fairy Pit Greenhouse (10)










Spring is right around the corner.

every garden (3)





Little Green Fairy












Memories of Summer

Which way to Fairyland?










That all depends on how much you believe in Fairies.







And how much you believe in possibilities.







Also how adventurous and imaginative you are.







Live your own great story out loud.

The possibilities are endless.



Jack Frost


Our vintage 120 year old glass greenhouse has become a magnificent backdrop for a talented artist.

Jack Frost (1)








A playful prankster who finds great fun in nipping noses, ears and fingers as well as an enormous amount of satisfaction and delight in painting ice patterns on lucky window panes.

Jack Frost (2)








Jack Frost is believed by some to be the mischievous son of the Frost King. He is known as King of The Winter Spirits and is a member of the Fairy Kingdom. A talented traveling artist we consider ourselves fortunate to be the recipient of such fine artistry.

Jack Frost (4)








Jack Frost is said to have the power to freeze shadows and he paints the beautiful fern like whirls you see frozen on window panes.

Jack Frost (5)










When a glass window pane is exposed to outside air that is extremely cold and inside air that is warmer and moist, water vapor condenses on the glass forming (Jack Frost) patterns. Imperfections and scratches or dust particles on the glass influence the types of patterns Jack Frost can create. Often called fern frost or ice flowers because of the patterns created.


The Little Fairy Wardrobe of Possibilities

This morning’s view from my Fairy Wardrobe Chamber, a place where mortal children may mingle with genuine fairies while trying on costumes and selecting magical musical instruments for pleasure.

First Snow Fairy Wardrobe Chamber








The potential for “magical” expression rests within each and everyone of us.

First Snow (3)








It is in our ordinary day to day life experiences that opportunities for creativity lie waiting to be released and shared with those around us.

Many years ago the Wizard built this magical building for me as a potting shed for my gardens.

First Snow (2)










However both the shed and I had other ideas. No ordinary potting shed was this building meant to be.

look real close (3)










Enchanted by the Home Place Fairies with possibilities this little shed took on a life of her own,  becoming known as The Fairy Wardrobe Chamber.

Fae Wardrobe spring






Each year children come from near and far entering this magical chamber with great anticipation and lots of untapped imagination.

seamstress to the fairies (2)










This Fairy Wardrobe Chamber encourages children to slow down and take their time; to look closely at the smallest of things, those objects often overlooked which reside just a wee bit above, below or around themselves.

7 7 choices








The Little Wardrobe Chamber is filled with exquisite items of beauty and curiosity and her collection of musical instruments is ever expanding.

Luna in the wardrobe










The Fairy Wardrobe encourages children to use their imaginations and adorn themselves in her finery and go outdoors to play.

Live your own story










Once children have selected costumes they enter into the gardens, all of which have been enchanted with real fairy dust (of course) .

Fairy Garden of Hope




and somehow…  nothing ever seems quite the same as it did before.

Grand Fairy Tea








Possibilities for expression surround us everywhere, all one has to do is look.

Grand Fairy tea 2016 (12)














Warmth From Within

Here at our farm on the north side of a small mountain in Maine we honor the fairies all year long.

z where the faireis go (8)










During these quieter months of winter when the ground is frozen hard snow covered statuary  adorn the gardens and pathways to the meadow

z where the faireis go (6)










as well as the entryway to The Enchanted Woodland

z where the faireis go (7)










In this way we honor the fairies even when they are no longer with us having retired to their winter chambers before the first snow.

z where the faireis go (11)










The Home Place Fairies spend all but the coldest months of winter helping tend my gardens and blueberry barrens at the farm.

After a long growing season they deserve their winter rest.

z where the faireis go (9)









Fairy Folk are tiny and delicate and winters are cold here in the north country.

z where the faireis go (12)










Home Place Fairies have humble chambers in which they rest and retire, cozy and warm deep within an ancient oak tree.

where fairies go (2)










As for myself I sit by the fire sewing fairy finery

signs of the fae (9)










Using enchanted fairy dust left for me by the fairies last spring I am able to reduce the garments from human to fairy size.

where fairies go (1)





I tend to the plants in my little earth bound pit greenhouse.

where they go (2)








Most days I walk through my gardens under cover of snow

z where the faireis go (2)










I wander atop Blue Fairy Hill and meander about the back meadow still enchanted with fairy glow.







Though I will not see them until spring, the warmth of my fairy friends is forever within my heart where ever I go.





Greenhouse Garden Skies

Here on the north side of a small mountain in Maine winter has made clear she has finally arrived.

12 10 2017 (1)ap






Early each morning I go out into the garden to tend Old Horse. Some mornings the sky is brilliant with colors of the rising sun.

Hapy New Year 2017 (1)






Other mornings the skies are rather grey but a gray softer than most blues.

New Year 2017 (4)










What ever colors the sky presents or the weather at hand, Old Horse is always there to greet me.

Old Horse was long ago enchanted by Home Place Fairy Folk and though he ages, he never grows old.

First Snow (10)










Old Horse is very wise; he is the sentry and guardian of the Home Place Fairies winter chambers.

where do the fairies go when it snows (8)








Though I spend most all of my hours here at the farm with Old Horse and the Fairy Folk, I am still in awe of how very beautiful the world around me is.

FullSizeRender (25)a






Greenhouse Fairy Tree (1)











A Fairy’s Eye View

Our farm in the springtime is a haven for Fairies.






Come each and every spring the Home Place Fairies leave the shelter of their winter chambers and soar high above our farm singing in the breeze.






Singing and playing, whirling and twirling they are busy pollinating lupine, lilac, blue bells, daisies, iris and rue.







Ralphie has been enchanted by the fairies, he is Guardian of the Garden and watches over the fairies they say.














Happy New Year

“It’s not about what you look at that matters, it’s about what you see.”

Henry David Thoreau

 Snow (10)










On the north side of a small mountain in Maine,

The Home Place Fairies

Winter Garden







Along with a Wizard and the Seamstress to the Fairies Welcome in the New Year.

Good tidings to each and every one of you!


Beyond the Mountain

beyond the mountain (8)










When the snow falls my granddaughters ask me,” Nana where do the fairies go”.

Children have been asking that question for generations.

Here is a wonderful little poem written in 1917 and published in her book “Beyond The Mountain” by Sarah Stokes Halkett that asks the same question in a very delightful way.

beyond the mountain (1)










The Snowdrops


Where do the pretty fairies go

When the world is white with snow?

I asked the sun, he did not know,

He never saw the fairies go.

beyond the mountain (3)






Where do the gentle fairies stay

When all the world is cold and gray?

I asked the moon, he could not say;

He too wonders where the fairies stay.

beyond the mountain (7)








Where do the little fairies hide

When on the ice we slip and slide?

I asked the stars, they only sighed;

It’s lonely when the fairies hide.

beyond the mountain (5)








Where do the pretty fairies go?

I think perhaps the flowers know

I’ll wait until the snowdrops grow,

And ask them where the fairies go.


Copyright © 2021 Robin Horty