“Be yourself.”


Full Blue Moon










“Everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde


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Blue Fae












(After the Snows Pass) Maine Garden Magic

fairies everywhere always clear










The winter snows will eventually melt and spring will arrive followed by summer.

Long ago a small troop of Home Place Faires enchanted a garden on the north side of a small mountain somewhere in Maine.

If you would like to listen to some relaxing music and see some fairy colorful garden images please click below. Enjoy!

Maine Garden Magic. click to see slide show

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Memories of Springtime



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Somewhere Over the Mountain

Somewhere far away on the north side of small mountain is a land filled with all sorts of magical possibilities.

A large and very beautiful garden lays resting beneath a covering of soft white snow…

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Experience a glimpse of this wonderland…

Blue Fairy Hill






Xmas Eve (2)












Old Horse Snow Horse

Each day the little girl comes to visit Old Horse as he stands sentry to the hidden entrance of the Home Place Fairies winter chambers.

snow Horse (5)










The little girl brings him fruit and carrots.

She pats him and laughs as he nudges her in greeting.

Old Horse whispers to her that spring is on it’s way, he knows this and he knows so much more.

snow Horse (4)










Together they taste the magic of snow.

snow Horse (3)








As darkness approaches the little girl bids him goodnight and walks home to her house in the woods.

Old Horse will be here tomorrow as he has been each and everyday.

He is her best friend as well as guardian of the Home Place Fairies.

All winter long Old Horse guards the entrance to the fairies chambers and each day the little girl comes to be with him.

Together they enjoy snow and dream of springtime flowers and fairy folk fluttering in the breeze.










Little Bit of Summer in the Pit House

Attached to our barn we have a pit greenhouse.

Fairy Pit Greenhouse (19)










Our so called Pit House is a greenhouse buried 8 feet into the earth with a southern facing glass roof.

Fairy Pit Greenhouse (2)





A wonderful haven where magic happens all year long.

Trixie Toad










Brunhilde Toad and her sister Trixie winter here, it is their version of the tropics.

A Pithouse story (4)










Amaryllis flowers blossom among large pots of  Rosemary and  Scented Geraniums.

A Pithouse story (11)_1050x1050










The earth banked sides retain solar warmth collected from the glass roof on sunny winter days.

A Pithouse story (12)




Fairy Folk visit with me as I tend  herbs on the warmest of the winter days. They sprinkle fairy dust about which encourages the plants to continue to sprout, blossom and grow.

A Pithouse story (30)










Some of my favorite children visit with the fairies as they help water the herbs sparingly during the long cold winter months.

A Pithouse story (6)







Spending an hour or two in this green and flowering little haven is truly magical, especially on a cold Maine winter day.

A Pithouse story (15)







I come from a long line of gardeners who were friends with the fairy folk, and many of them had pithouses as well as above ground glass greenhouses..








Each generation in my family there have been individuals who were friends with the Fairy Folk.

magic is in the hands and hearts of all true believers (1)










And each generation had their own  Memory Keeper. I am the Memory Keeper for my generation, as well I am known as Seamstress to the Fairies.

Home Place Fairy Dress








I make fairy clothing for the wee folk as well as enchanted wearable gardens for human believers of the Fae.

Home Place Fairy Tales










I’ve also been known to write a fairy tale or two.

beyond the mountain (7)








In the winter when my gardens are asleep I enjoy spending  quiet moments in my pit house enjoying the greenery and scent of herb flowers and warm rich earth on a snowy white day.

A Pithouse story (2)





A Pithouse story (16)_788x1050










Rosemary sparkled with fairy dust.

A Pithouse story (7)





Here are some images of other pit greenhouse. They come in all sizes, but the concept is the same.


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A Pithouse story (16)









A Pithouse story (27)








A Pithouse story (25)








Fairy Pit Greenhouse (10)










Spring is right around the corner…

every garden (3)






Little Green Fairy












Home Place Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales are true stories that maybe never happened…











Summer in Maine

Every garden is a Fairyland.

Fairyland 2





Live your own story (2)







Live your own story (3)







Live your own story (4)








Live your own story (5)









Live your own story (7)




















Live your own story (11)








Live your own story (12)










Live your own great story.

Live your own story (13)










The possibilities are endless.



Jack Frost


Recently our vintage 120 year old glass greenhouse became a magnificent backdrop for a talented artist.

Jack Frost (1)








A playful prankster who finds great fun in nipping noses, ears and fingers as well as an enormous amount of satisfaction and delight in painting ice patterns on lucky window panes.

Jack Frost (2)








Jack Frost is believed by some to be the mischievous son of the Frost King. He is known as King of The Winter Spirits and a member of the Fairy Realm. A talented traveling artist we consider ourselves fortunate to be the recipient of such fine artistry.

Jack Frost (4)








Jack Frost is said to have the power to freeze shadows and some even say he paints the beautiful fern like whirls you see frozen on  window panes.

Jack Frost (5)










When a glass window pane is exposed to outside air that is extremely cold and inside air that is warmer and moist, water vapor condenses on the glass forming (Jack Frost) patterns. Imperfections and scratches or dust particles on the glass influence the types of patterns Jack Frost can create. Often called fern frost or ice flowers because of the patterns created.


Beyond the Mountain

beyond the mountain (8)










When the snow falls my granddaughters ask me,” Nana where do the fairies go”.

Children have been asking that question for generations.

Here is a wonderful little poem written in 1917 and published in her book “Beyond The Mountain” by Sarah Stokes Halkett that asks the same question in a very delightful way.

beyond the mountain (1)










The Snowdrops


Where do the pretty fairies go

When the world is white with snow?

I asked the sun, he did not know,

He never saw the fairies go.

beyond the mountain (3)






Where do the gentle fairies stay

When all the world is cold and gray?

I asked the moon, he could not say;

He too wonders where the fairies stay.

beyond the mountain (7)








Where do the little fairies hide

When on the ice we slip and slide?

I asked the stars, they only sighed;

It’s lonely when the fairies hide.

beyond the mountain (5)








Where do the pretty fairies go?

I think perhaps the flowers know

I’ll wait until the snowdrops grow,

And ask them where the fairies go.


Copyright © 2020 Robin Horty