Eventually Spring Really Does Arrive.

Spring Dreaming Fairy Garden in Maine

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What if I Fall?

What if I fall?

Fly (1)










” Oh,  but my darling,”

Fly (2)










“What if you fly?”







So much magic and wonder surrounds us.











The inhabitants of the Fairy Kingdom teach us about hope, and the magic of possibility.

Traveler and the Handpan










About marching to your own drum no matter how different from those around you.

The world is full of wonder and the possibilities are endless.




Lilacs and Lupines in Maine, Where the Fairy Folk Glow


Lilacs in Maine Where the Fairy Folk Glow








Springtime Lilacs; early summer Lilacs and Lupines too,  oh what a sight!

Lilacs and Lupine (4)








The Home Place Fairy Folk have been very busy this spring and early summer tending the lilacs and lupines as well as countless other plants here at the farm.











The fairies spent a long and very cold winter confined to their cozy chambers hidden deep within the Enchanted Forest.

November Tales (6)










After a good long slumber they awoke to a slow spring, much rain and lingering cold. The skies were often gray; flora was slow to green and because of this the fairies could not leave their chambers for more than a few minutes at a time, until much later in the season than ever before.

Home Place Fairy Dust










Being well rested from a long winters sleep they occupied their time by grinding what became an abundance of fairy dust for sprinkling on springtime flora.

sprinkling fairy dust







Fairy Dust is enchanted of course with that extra special something that encourages each plant it is sprinkled upon to sprout, blossom and GLOW as well as grow!

Lilacs and Lupine (2)





sprinkling fairy dust






The fairies happily and efficiently work together in pairs, side by side grinding precious stones and minerals, chanting and singing spells as stones turn into magical dust. Then  out into the gardens the fairy folk fly, sprinkling fairy dust as they flutter way up high and way down  low.

Lilacs and Lupine (5)








Their exuberance and hard work shows for the woodland, meadows and gardens here at the farm have never looked more vibrant and happy.

Lilacs and Lupine (2)





Thank you Home Place Fairies and all my Fairy Friends far and wide.

Lilacs and Lupine with fairy dust glow








Remember , magic happens in EVERY garden, all one has to do is look.


A Home Place Fairy Tale


Nina enchanted (1)










Little Nina was in a predicament, she did not know what to do. All the other fairies were leaving the forest and heading as they always did towards the bright sunlight of their well tended gardens.

Nina enchanted (2)








“As much as I enjoy tending these beautiful gardens day after day, I would like one morning where things were, well, different”, thought Nina, when suddenly one little fairy departed from the group and veered left instead of right, heading down a path Nina had not noticed before. Far in the distance a tiny beacon glowed. Nina could not decide what to do, as she had always followed the rest of the troop, never once had she ventured off alone. Suddenly very curious, Nina wondered how different her day might be if she too were to travel down this new path instead.

Nina enchanted (3)










After much contemplation Nina adventurously set out alone. Instead of turning right like the fairies have always done, she turned left, stepping onto a path much less traveled. Nina walked for what seemed like a very long time, going deeper into the forest, further than she had ever gone before. The trees seemed much taller here and it was darker; less sunlight and lots of toadstools, but Nina was not scared. After a while she found herself in a small clearing, the fairy she had been following was nowhere to be seen. Surrounding her were common woodland ferns and mosses, lichen and assorted mushrooms all muted in pale greens and grays; lots of shadowy places, not the brilliant colors of the gardens she generally tended. “Why this is not so special”, she thought, wishing she had taken the path to the gardens instead. Disappointed, she turned back toward where she had come from, when she noticed a tiny flickering orb of light.

Nina enchanted (4)










Nina gazed at the bright little orb in wonder and the little light politely asked that she step closer, and so she did.

Nina enchanted (5)










The little orb said, “Look deeper Nina, not a me, but at what lays before you.” And so Nina did look around herself into what she had thought was just an ordinary wooded glen.

Nina enchanted (7)










And what she saw was beautiful. While Nina had thought she was surrounded by common woodland ferns and mosses, upon closer inspection she discovered that they weren’t so common after all. They were extraordinary and tucked in among them were hundreds of tiny flowers of a soft blue hue, the likes of which Nina had never seen before. These flowers whispered softly to her,”Please take us with you so we may cast our seeds far and wide.”

Nina enchanted (8)










So Nina gathered the flowers together, wrapping them with ferns and mosses. As she did this the little flowers began to shimmer with happiness and the dark woodland glen became illuminated with a soft golden glow, a radiant light, created by the joy of flowers who have waited so long to be seen.

Nina enchanted (9)










Nina hurried back to the garden of sunlight, eager to share her adventure with the fairy folk and as she left that secret hidden woodland glen, the little blue flowers whispered “forget me not, forget me not”.


Spring Is Here!

Lula Belle is the tallest of the Home Place Fairy Folk and because of this one fact she is the first of the fairies to emerge from their winter chambers each and every spring.

Her job is to determine exactly when the spring winds are just right for sprinkling  fairy dust on the blueberry fields here in Maine.







Today the sun came out from behind the clouds as a gentle wind blew in from the north west. Lula Belle determined these conditions were perfect for dusting the fields.











She called out to her fairy companions  “Come, sprinkle fairy dust to help encourage the blueberries to flourish and grow. ” The other fairies were feeling rather shy after spending the long cold winter in their cozy chambers. They had not once opened their wings to flutter or fly for many months and felt a bit timid and reluctant about doing so after all this time.











The smallest of the fairies, being the most curious set off following a sparkle of Lula Belle’s fairy dust which led to some human children who had heard the fairies whispering and seen their twinkling lights.











The fairies chose to shape shift, increasing their size so they could  play with these mortal children while they worked their magic. This is a privilege allowed to fairies on a single spring day each and every year for one a single hour.







A little girl led the fairies to the Sacred Cairn of Rocks where another child waited.








Everywhere the fairies ran was illuminated by sparkling fairy dust twinkling and bright.








Together with the children by their sides the fairies looked over the magnificent countryside and honored the vast landscape which lay before them. Being fairies they found they were eager not only to run with the children but to soar across the fields and fly!







The fairies continued playing with the children as they sprinkled the blueberry fields all alight with their magical dust. When twilight set in they shape shifted back to their original sizes saying goodbyes to their human companions as they flew back to their magical chambers as the children headed home.










Lula Belle was the last of the fairy folk to leave. She was happy how everywhere she looked sparkled bright with fairy dust which would nourish the blueberry fields all through the springtime, twinkling and shimmering each and every night.



The Wonder of it All












On the north side of a small mountain in Maine I take care of some very beautiful gardens with the help of a small troop of Home Place Fairies.

wonder of it all (5)










Early each morning fairies flutter about my farm sprinkling fairy dust encouraging all sorts of plants to flourish and grow.

Today I surprised La Rosa as she was tending the woodland plants.

wonder of it all (1)










In the center of the Children’s Garden I found Little Lu Fairy whispering to Yellow Iris and singing to chives.

wonder of it all (4)










Before leaving the garden Little Lu looks in on a nest of baby wildlings.









Magic happens in every garden and if you look closely all kinds of miracles are happening, like this little ground nest of sparrow eggs. Aren’t they beautiful? Notice how Little Lu Fairy sprinkled them with protective fairy dust.


The Sense of Being Looked At.

One morning as a little girl worked in her greenhouse tending to seedlings she had the peculiar sense of being looked at.

The sense of being looked at (1)










However when she looked about herself all she saw were tender new young plants waiting to be watered.

So she went back to tending her chores.

The sense of being looked at (2)










After awhile the little girl once again had that peculiar sense that comes with being looked at and even thought she saw a twinkle or two.

But each time she turned her head to look no twinkle could be seen and so she continued to water her plants and she continued to have a sense of being looked at.

The sense of being looked at (3)










Suddenly it occurred to the little girl that perhaps there were fairies about.

So as she worked she kept one eye on her chores and one eye out for mischievous little fairy folk.

“Ah ha! I see you now!” said the little girl to a departing twinkling light, and she set off following that little twinkle right on out of the greenhouse front door to who knows where.

And you know what? At that very moment a little fairy was giggling as she scampered out the greenhouse back door!

The sense of being looked at (4)










Fairies are pranksters and like to play games. They love to spy on young children and lead them on “wild fairy chases.”



Home Place Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales are true stories that maybe never happened…











A Fairy Happy Dog

a fairy happy dog

A Fairy Serenade for La Luna

Serenade for a Fairy Fine Dog.

Serenade La Luna











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