Once Upon A Time in Fairyland










Home Place Fairies are always on the lookout for new and illuminating discoveries.










They search way down low, sprinkling nourishing fairy dust, encouraging the smallest of flowers to blossom and grow.










Fairies flutter up high into the tallest of trees where wondrous beings hover and fly.








“Don’t you know everyone has a Fairyland.”

      P.J. Travers






Days of August

If you are among those fortunate enough to find yourself deep within the heart of a wild garden during the days of August you may encounter Fairy Folk when they are most playful.

Midsummer at twilight when the fairy folk dance (2)








Take time to stop; smell flowers and listen to birds as they sing with their entire beings.

Midsummer at twilight when the fairy folk dance a








There is so much magic in the natural world.

Fairies ask that we take time out each and everyday to notice and contemplate the beauty that surrounds us.




Fairy Berry Fruit Salad

Here is a delightful simple little recipe from the fairy folk for a summer Fairy Berry Fruit Salad.

Fairy Berry Salad










The ingredients can come from your garden or the market, the fresher and grown closer to home the better.

1 small seedless watermelon cut into bite sized pieces

1/2 of a  fresh melon, cantaloupe or honeydew is fine cut into bite sized pieces

1 cup or heaping handful of fresh blueberries

1 heaping handful of red raspberries

A handful or more of large purple grapes sliced in half

A sprig of Mint, Lemon Balm or Lemon Verbena

1 tablespoon poppy seeds

1 tablespoon honey

Cut the watermelon and cantaloupe into small  bite size pieces.

Place about 1/2 cup of the watermelon and 1/2 cup of the cantaloupe pieces into an electric blender. Put the rest of these pieces into your large colorful bowl.

Toss into bowl your grapes which you have cut in halves, your handfuls of raspberries and blueberries. Set aside.

To the cantaloupe and watermelon chunks in electric blender add your 1 Tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon poppy seeds. Blend on high until well blended.

Take a sip of this mixture, add more honey if you desire a sweeter flavor. Pour this mixture over your fruit salad, toss to thoroughly blend flavors and serve immediately or chill for a nice cool refreshing summer treat!

Oh yes, add a sprig of mint (or lemon balm or…lemon verbena) for color, fragrance and whimsy!

When peaches are in season I will add 2 or 3 large ones which I have chopped into bite sized pieces….yum



Esmeralda’s Fairy Sweetened August Kale


Fae in the Greeenhouse










Esmeralda Fairy enters my greenhouse each and every morning with her baskets of fairy dust flavoring our kale plants, so divine.

Kale for the Fae










We are very appreciative of Esmeralda’s efforts and welcome the Home Place Fairies that help tend our gardens.

Kale in the Greenhouse






It is very important to express appreciation and gratitude to all of those who offer their services so selflessly.

Kale and Chard










The Wizard and I harvest Esmeralda’s Fairy sweetened Kale from our glass greenhouse from March until late November… when we let the greenhouse rest for the winter.










My family loves kale which I grow in straw mulched garden rows next to bush beans and kohlrabi, lettuce and chard.









I enjoy planting kale in different environments such as raised beds covered with remay.  Remay is a sheer gardeners fabric which lets in the warming rays of sunlight as well as rain drops pass through.  Remay protects Kale’s tender leaves from insects such as aphids, weevils or mites

Kale is delicious and used in many Fairy Folk recipes here at the farm.


Fairy Fine Days of August

August is a fairy fine month here at the farm.

Z6 Magic Happens









For the Home Place Fairies who have worked so hard all spring and summer tending the gardens it is a month of merriment and playfulness. Our gardens are bursting with flowers and vegetables. The fruits in the orchard and fields are ripening; heavy with peach, pear, apple, raspberries and blueberries blue!


In August on the north side of a small mountain in Maine

Where the Elfswort blooms golden and 6 feet tall,

Home Place Fairy Folk dance the Midsummer Waltz of the Fairies.

Midsummer Waltz of the Fae










Amid Scarlet Monarda, Red Astillbe; beneath Joe Pye Weed and Phlox, all shades of white and pinks of every hue, Fairy Folk whirl and twirl as they usher out the heat of summer and welcome the cooler temperatures of Autumn.



August Full Moon

A full moon August evening is a magical time in the Enchanted Forest.

The Full Moon of August is known by several names. Traditionally called the “Sturgeon Moon” because the giant sturgeon fish of the Great Lakes was caught during this time it can also known as the “Moon When All Things Ripen”, and here in Maine known as “The Blueberry Moon”.






Where Woodland Fairies go, there is sure to be a Fawn or two and their mother, a Doe.

















Happy Full Moon!



Harvesting Flowers

These brilliant red monarda flowers cozied up to a bit of magenta phlox and day lilies are a brilliant bit of Maine Garden Magic.










Harvesting Fairy dusted flowers for arrangements is one of the most pleasant ways I can think of to spend a morning, or an entire day.










Flowers sprinkled with fairy dust have a certain something extra special about them










and are welcome at both happy celebrations as well as those which are sad.







Fairy dusted flowers shimmer and glow,










spreading goodwill and cheer wherever they go.








Whether one stem or pots of plenty, flowers aim to comfort and please.







A single pinch of fairy dust encourages flowers to sprout, blossom and grow.










Happy first day of August from Seamstress to the Fairies!








Picking Blueberries on Blue Fairy Hill and Blue Berry Yogurt Bars

When  blueberry season arrives folks ask me for my fairy fine recipe for yummy Blueberry Yogurt Bars. As August approaches there are plenty of fresh blueberries to be had here in Maine.

Remember you can certainly use frozen berries if you do not have fresh and have the same results.

Mid July through August are the months for harvesting blueberries here on Blue Fairy Hill. The fields are bountiful with berries and glimmers of fairy dust attest to the hard working Fairy Folk who help to sweeten berries here on our farm.

Raking the Blues (3)







Blueberry fields or barrens as they are called, are covered with ripe fairy sweetened organic blueberries every other August much to everyone’s delight.

Raking the Blues (2)







Friends and neighbors gather together to harvest nature’s bounty of sweet satisfaction.

Blueberry Bars (1)










Low bush blueberries are rather small and very sweet tasting. They grow on rocky ledges in wide open spaces.

Blueberry Bars (3)







Blueberries may be picked by hand.

Blueberry Bars (2)







Or they are picked with large metal rakes like these children are using, which allows you to collect berries faster than when hand picking.

Blueberry Bars (4)







However you decide to harvest blueberries the important thing is that you enjoy the process and take in the beauty of nature all around you.

Blueberry Bars (5)








Wild Maine blueberries generally grow on high rocky land which offers you spectacular views while you pick.

Blueberry Bars (7)






I prefer picking berries by hand or using a small wooden blueberry rake which Sampson the Troll made for me over 40 years ago.

Blueberry Bars (6)








After these children gather containers full of blueberries they will take them home for their Mothers who will use them for baking.

Raking the Blues (1)










Below is a recipe the Home Place Fairies shared with me. I hope you enjoy it as much as we all do.


Blueberry Bars (12)











Preheat your oven to 350

Line a 9 x 13″ baking pan with aluminum foil.

Lightly spray foiled pan evenly with oil and set aside.

Next make a crumble for your bottom crust and topping as follows.


1/2 c. unsalted butter, melted

1/2 cup granulated white sugar

1/4 cup brown sugar packed

1 1/2 cup all purpose flour

pinch of salt

1. In large bowl whisk melted butter with sugars to combine.

2. Add flour, pinch of salt stir to combine. Mixture will be dry and crumbly. Set aside 3/4 cup of this mixture to use later as topping.

3. Transfer remaining mixture into oiled pan. With your fingers hand pack, pressing the mixture to create a thin, even, flat crust. Set aside.


1 large egg at room temperature

1/2 cup Greek  Yogurt at room temperature

1/2 cup granulated white sugar

2 tsp. vanilla

1 Tablespoon all purpose flour


Blueberry Bars (9)










1. In medium bowl add egg and Greek Yogurt, sugar and vanilla. Whisk together well.

2. Add the Tablespoon of flour and whisk again.

3. Pour this yogurt filling evenly over the crust spreading with rubber spatula.

Set aside.


3 cups fresh or frozen blueberries

1/2 cup granulated white sugar

2 Tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon cornstarch

1 handful finely chopped walnuts (optional)

1/4 cup sunflower seeds (optional)


blueberry filling










1. In separate bowl toss in blueberries, sprinkle with the sugar and 1 teaspoon cornstarch. Drizzle with 2 Tablespoons of lemon juice and gently mix to combine.

2. Evenly spread blueberry mixture on top of yogurt filling. (Then if you choose toss on some chopped walnuts and sunflower seeds. (Fairies love seeds and nuts and so do I)


Blueberry Bars (10)








3. Next take your reserved 3/4 cup of the crumble/crust mix and evenly sprinkle on top. Gently squeeze the crumbs through your fingers as you spread over filling. I sprinkle some fresh blueberries on the crust.

4. Place pan on middle rack in preheated 350 oven and bake for about 40 minute for fresh berries and 50 minutes for frozen blueberries. Baking is complete when crust has turned a nice golden brown and berries have bubbled.

5. Remove pan from oven and place on wire rack and let cool completely. Then set pan in fridge to cool firmly before cutting into bars.


Blueberry Yogurt Bars










6. After cooling in the fridge for about 30 minutes I lift the foiled dessert in it’s entirety from the pan and carefully remove the foil from the large “blueberry bar” and set dessert on cutting board and cut into small bars.


Blueberry Bars (12)










8. Now you can cut the bars into small pieces without them crumbling and falling apart.

Blueberry Yogurt Bars may be stored in your refrigerator for up to 10 days, though they don’t last that long in our house.

Blueberry Bars Fairy Style










Serve your Blue Berry Yogurt Bars plain and simple or with some fresh blueberries and a sprig of mint.


Blueberry Bars (13)










They also taste good with a dab of whipped cream, or scoop of ice cream. Oh, if you happen to know some Fairy Folk like I happen to you can even add a dash of Fairy Dust! Yum, magically delicious!














Happy Birthday Old Horse!

Happy Birthday Old Horse !

Happy Birthday Old Horse (12)










Happy Birthday to you!











Born in July on a bright sunny day you were long ago enchanted by  Fairy Folk and though you age you never grow old.








Your most loyal companion and her friends three, bring a cake topped with carrot candles all a glow.

Happy Birthday Old Horse (5)










A magnificent birthday cake made of freshly cut hay; a bit of grain, molasses, pink clover and carrots for you!

Happy Birthday Old Horse (6)










Make your wish as we wish along too.











Carrot candles are for eating once your Horse wishes are heaven sent.







Cake to eat and children to pat and groom you as fairies flutter  about… what more could a Horse wish for on such a fine day?










Later two sisters ride upon your back , their hearts filled with love and gratitude for a companion such as you.









Another child shares the joy of living this dream.

Happy Birthday Old Horse (1)








You are the Fairy Best Friend a child could wish for and we love you dearly.

Happy Birthday Old Horse (11)










We have always cherished you and will continue to love you to the moon and back.

Happy Birthday Old Horse (13)










Happy Birthday Old Horse!

Happy Birthday Old Horse (14)










Such a Fine and Grand Old Horse, if ever there was one!













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