Esmeralda’s Fairy Sweetened September Kale


Fae in the Greeenhouse










Esmeralda Fae enters the greenhouse each and every morning with her baskets of fairy dust flavoring our kale plants, so divine.

Kale for the Fae










We welcome the Home Place Fairies that help tend our gardens.

Kale in the Greenhouse






It is important to express appreciation and gratitude to those who offer their services so selflessly.

Kale and Chard











We harvest Esmeralda’s Fairy sweetened Kale from our glass greenhouse from late March until late November… when we let the greenhouse rest for the winter.




Fairy Busy at The Farm







Summer is ending here in Maine.

A brisk chill fills the air as evening approaches and dew is on the meadow.

This morning I caught a glimpse of two hard working Home Place Fairies as they wheeled a wooden cart towards my peach orchard.

The rest of their day will be spent preparing the peaches for winter storage.

The fairies will fill jars of cling peaches; they will make peach cobbler, peach crisp and even peach pie!



Fairy Berry Fruit Salad

Here is a delightful simple little recipe from the fairy folk for a summer Fairy Berry Fruit Salad.

Fairy Berry Salad










The ingredients can come from your garden or the market, the fresher and grown closer to home the better.

1 small seedless watermelon cut into bite sized pieces

1/2 of a  fresh melon, cantaloupe or honeydew is fine cut into bite sized pieces

1 cup or heaping handful of fresh blueberries

1 heaping handful of red raspberries

A handful or more of large purple grapes sliced in half

A sprig of Mint, Lemon Balm or Lemon Verbena

1 tablespoon poppy seeds

1 tablespoon honey

Cut the watermelon and cantaloupe into small  bite size pieces.

Place about 1/2 cup of the watermelon and 1/2 cup of the cantaloupe pieces into an electric blender. Put the rest of these pieces into your large colorful bowl.

Toss into bowl your grapes which you have cut in halves, your handfuls of raspberries and blueberries. Set aside.

To the cantaloupe and watermelon chunks in electric blender add your 1 Tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon poppy seeds. Blend on high until well blended.

Take a sip of this mixture, add more honey if you desire a sweeter flavor. Pour this mixture over your fruit salad, toss to thoroughly blend flavors and serve immediately or chill for a nice cool refreshing summer treat!

Oh yes, add a sprig of mint (or lemon balm or…lemon verbena) for color, fragrance and whimsy!

When peaches are in season I will add 2 or 3 large ones which I have chopped into bite sized pieces….yum



August Garden Just Before Dusk

August is a month of great beauty in my garden.

8 11 14 just before dusk (3)










Here are some images taken right before dusk, a time when the birds nest in for the evening, when butterflies stop fluttering and our honeybees have returned to their hives

8 11 14 just before dusk (4)










I sometimes think it is during these quieter hours when I return to the garden not to work, but to pause and soak in the beauty abundant all around me that I enjoy myself the most.

8 11 14 just before dusk (5)








The fairies are in their chambers refreshed from a long afternoon nap after their busy day spent tending the flora all around them.

8 11 14 just before dusk (7)










Come twilight they will sing and dance among the flowers with the wildlings, not to work but to play.

8 11 14 just before dusk (6)










Every garden is someone’s paradise, a source of beauty , harvest and contemplation.

8 11 2014 (1)_900x1200










Where gardens grow fairies reside.



Fairy Fine Days of August

August is a fairy fine month here at the farm.

Z6 Magic Happens









For the Home Place Fairies who have worked so hard all spring and summer tending the gardens it is a month of merriment and playfulness. The gardens are bursting with flowers and vegetables. The fruits in the orchard and fields are ripening; heavy with peach, pear, apple, raspberries and blueberries blue!

Everyone has a Fairyland




As the sun set on Blue Fairy Hill, fairies so charmed by the light came out and added sparkle to what was left of the day’s light.

Last Night at dusk (2)








They whirled and they twirled, sweetening the blueberries and coloring them blue.

Last Night at dusk (1)a








While the next morning a young girl sang songs to the Fairy Folk offering thanks.

Everyone has a Fairyland







Don’t you know…everyone has a Fairyland.



The day began just like any other and then something happened and nothing was ever again quite the same…

Anniversary, a day of acknowledgement, a special occasion of gratitude or woe.

On the 18th of July the Fairies and I, along with Paco celebrated a private anniversary of great importance.

5th anniversary








I rose at dawn eager to take part in every moment of this day and together we tended the gardens, softly singing  gratitude to the powers that be.










“Troll Slaw” A Troll Tale and Recipe

Trolls are an elusive group and among the largest inhabitants of the Fairy Kingdom as well as perhaps the most misunderstood.

Here on the north side of a small mountain in Maine we live and work side by side all sorts of magical beings including a Clan of Trolls.

Some Troll facts :

Did you know that Trolls have the gift of invisibility so they are not often seen? Did you know that Trolls speak in tones so low they are seldom heard? Trolls love music, and some of them sing but the vibrations are of a frequency that other beings can’t hear them unless they want them to…which mostly they don’t. Trolls are very, very shy and with the exception of the Grand Fairy Spring Ball they mostly keep to themselves.

Fairyland Post a (8)










Eugene is a dear friend of mine and a Troll from the Clan of the Knoll. He is a metal smith and constructs all sorts of magical implements, such as the lovely Miss Millicent Mae Mailbox, as well as bells and finely tuned keys for mbiras and kalimbas.

Fairyland Post a (9)










Eugene’s cousins Beyla and Laszlo Troll are craftsman too; they carve rustic furniture

Troll Craftsmanship










and paint not so rustic furniture.

Troll Cave










They live nearby in enchanted lichen covered caves close to the top of the hill.











Most Trolls of the Knoll are carvers and make lovely over sized furniture and exquisite instruments.

Troll Zither (2)










Just below Beyla and Laszlo’s cave lives William Edwin Troll and his wife Nora Russell Troll.

William Edwin is a talented musician who plays many instruments including the piano, the zither, violin, cello, viola, mbira and kalimba. (to name just a few!) William Edwin also composes music which he plays for his wife Nora as she prepares their meals.

Nora Russell Troll is just as talented as her husband. Nora Russell plays piano and is lead soloist in the Grand Troll Opera. She and Edwin make quite a pair and during the Grand Fairy Spring Ball if the breeze is just right you can hear her accompanying his melancholy playing as she hits both the high notes and the lowest of the low with her beautiful voice. Who knew Trolls could sing and play music, and so beautifully at that?

But there’s another thing about Trolls that might surprise you even more…

All Trolls are excellent chefs.

However, as you may have guessed, unlike Fairies or Pixies or most residents of the Fairy Kingdom Trolls are not vegetarians; they consume copious amounts of fish along with the furred and feathered.

Worry not, they consume only what they need, always blessing the food they eat with gratitude.

Out of respect for other members of the Fairy Kingdom while attending The Annual Grand Fairy Spring Ball all Trolls leave their meat dishes at home and prepare a beautiful vegetarian dish which always, always includes cabbage. Trolls absolutely love cabbage!

Their favorite meatless recipe is Troll Slaw. Yes, Troll Slaw not Cole Slaw….same thing but with a few differences.

Following is the recipe and I think you might appreciate the creativity of the Troll Clan in a way you never did before after you sample just one bite. Yes, it’s that good.

Troll Slaw (4)











Dressing for Troll Slaw:

1/4 cup seasoned rice vinegar

1/4 cup canola oil

1/2 tsp crushed red pepper or a pinch or two more.

2 Tablespoons Stevia (Truvia) or  1/4 Sugar (I do as the Trolls and use stevia)

1/4 cup minced and chopped fine cilantro

2 tsp peeled, grated and chopped fine fresh ginger


A Troll Slaw  (2)








In small bowl or a 1 cup glass measuring cup whisk together the above ingredients, cover and let set.

Troll Slaw (3)










For The Slaw:

3 cups very thinly sliced and chopped small organic red cabbage

3 cups very thinly sliced and chopped small organic green cabbage

4- 6 scallions chopped thinly

2 large carrots grated

1/2 red bell pepper sliced very thin and diced small

1 large handful of snow peas sliced very thinly (snip off ends if need be)

1 can organic garbanzo beans drained and well rinsed

1/4 c. or to taste sliced and diced jalapeno peppers, I use organic in jar with NO yellow dye!

1 handful organic dried cranberries ( or raisins)

8-10 seedless organic pitted dates

1 handful of pine nuts (you may substitute sunflower seeds)


1/8 or so cup of organic black sesame seeds

4-5 beautiful heads of calendula flowers if you are fortunate enough to have some.


A Troll Slaw  (4)








For your slaw the Trolls highly recommend all your ingredients be at room temperature and I agree; it really does make a difference and you will find that warm cabbages are more welcoming of the oil and vinegar.


A Troll Slaw  (1)








A Troll Slaw  (5)








With clean washed hands do as the Trolls do and mix all of the above slaw ingredients (except black sesame seeds and calendulas) together in a large bowl. Set aside.


A Troll Slaw  (3)








Right BEFORE you are to serve your slaw, whisk your dressing and drizzle on slaw, tossing and turning to coat all ingredients evenly using two wooden spoons.

Dressing minutes before serving prevents the slaw from becoming soggy, (unless you prefer soggy slaw of course). Trolls prefer their cabbage crisp.

Lastly sprinkle on your sesame seeds.

Troll Slaw (2)










Finally, if you happen to have calendula flowers, which are edible by the way… snip off 5 or so flower heads and gently but firmly pinch off only their petals then sprinkle petals atop your Troll Slaw as a lovely garnish.

Nora Russell Troll is a romantic and always looking for ways to make William Edwin smile. Sprinkling on the edible and cheery calendula flower petals is a very special way of expressing her love for him.

I think after you try this recipe you will have a whole different appreciation for Trolls, because Troll Slaw is REALLY good….Trolly good!


Click on the above link to hear William Edwin Troll play his beautiful Marguerite Waltz for Nora Russell as she prepares his slaw.

William Edwin Troll on violin and Beyla Troll accompanying on piano.

I suggest you play this as you prepare your own Troll Slaw.

Troll Cave








Troll Zither (1)











Lilacs and Lupines in Maine, Where the Fairy Folk Glow


Lilacs in Maine Where the Fairy Folk Glow








Springtime Lilacs; early summer Lilacs and Lupines too,  oh what a sight!

Lilacs and Lupine (4)








The Home Place Fairy Folk have been very busy this spring and early summer tending the lilacs and lupines as well as countless other plants here at the farm.











The fairies spent a long and very cold winter confined to their cozy chambers hidden deep within the Enchanted Forest.

November Tales (6)










After a good long slumber they awoke to a slow spring, much rain and lingering cold. The skies were often gray; flora was slow to green and because of this the fairies could not leave their chambers for more than a few minutes at a time, until much later in the season than ever before.

Home Place Fairy Dust










Being well rested from a long winters sleep they occupied their time by grinding what became an abundance of fairy dust for sprinkling on springtime flora.

sprinkling fairy dust







Fairy Dust is enchanted of course with that extra special something that encourages each plant it is sprinkled upon to sprout, blossom and GLOW as well as grow!

Lilacs and Lupine (2)





sprinkling fairy dust






The fairies happily and efficiently work together in pairs, side by side grinding precious stones and minerals, chanting and singing spells as stones turn into magical dust. Then  out into the gardens the fairy folk fly, sprinkling fairy dust as they flutter way up high and way down  low.

Lilacs and Lupine (5)








Their exuberance and hard work shows for the woodland, meadows and gardens here at the farm have never looked more vibrant and happy.

Lilacs and Lupine (2)





Thank you Home Place Fairies and all my Fairy Friends far and wide.

Lilacs and Lupine with fairy dust glow








Remember , magic happens in EVERY garden, all one has to do is look.


Stories with Dory Anna

Old friends are as important as new friends. One is silver and the other is gold.











The day Dory Anna came to visit she told stories from her own childhood as fairy folk happily fluttered all about.








Dory Anna shared one of her favorite childhood tales about a delightful spider and a charming pig.

Some very special pig in fact. Do you know the name of this story and who this pig and his spider friend might b











Every garden, no matter what size is a place for the telling of tales, for sharing, thinking, reading and savoring the natural world all around.




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