Looking for Springtime Fairies

In the springtime fairy folk flutter and wander in the gardens here at the farm.

Springtime Home Place Fairies (1)










You may spy a fairy or two fluttering about if you have patience and know where and how to look for them.

The secret is that Home Place Fairies inhabit only land and homes that are well cared for and loved.

Springtime Home Place Fairies (2)










Look about yourself today, look real closely and a Home Place Fairy you might just see.

Spring Fairies










Tiny wonders everywhere!

Springtime Home Place Fairies (3)








All you have to do is look.


Tiny Wonders

Tiny Wonders

Tiny Wonders Everywhere









The Fairy Seekers

Hidden somewhere deep within an Enchanted Forest on the north side of a small mountain in Maine,











An ancient oak tree grows.











Deep within the hollowed heart of this tree lies Sacred Chambers,

The secret home of the Home Place Fairies.

Sacred Atar of The Fairies










At her base an alter stands holding precious stones, feathers, tokens and gems, all gifts from believers to the Fae.

The Fairy seekers seekers (3)










If you are out searching for Fairies I do not think you will find them because they are always one step ahead of you and looking your way.

The Fairy seekers seekers (5)










Home Place Fairies possess the ability to shape shift, which means when the occasion suits them they can increase in size to that of mortal children.

The Fairy seekers seekers (1)










They also possess powers of partial and total invisibility.

Often times they choose to make their wings invisible to the human eye, this way they can walk among mankind undetected.

The Fairy seekers seekers (2)










If you should go seeking Fairies some fine day just remember they are out there and watching you!



Spring Is Here!

Lula Belle is the tallest of the Home Place Fairy Folk and because of this one fact she is the first of the fairies to emerge from their winter chambers each and every spring.

Her job is to determine exactly when the spring winds are just right for sprinkling  fairy dust on the blueberry fields here in Maine.







Today the sun came out from behind the clouds as a gentle wind blew in from the north west. Lula Belle determined these conditions were perfect for dusting the fields.











Lulla Belle calls out to her fairy companions,  “Come, sprinkle fairy dust to help encourage the blueberries to flourish and grow. ” The other fairies are feeling rather shy after spending the long cold winter in their cozy chambers. They’ve not once opened their wings to flutter or fly all winter and are feeling a bit timid and shy about doing so after all this time.











The smallest of the fairies, being the most curious sets off, following a sparkle of Lula Belle’s fairy dust which leads to a cluster of human children who’ve heard the fairies whispering and seen their twinkling lights.











The fairies chose to shape shift, increasing their size so they can play with the children while they work their magic. This is a privilege allowed to fairies on a single spring day each and every year for one a single hour.







A little girl leads the fairies to the Sacred Cairn of Rocks where another child waits.








Everywhere the fairies run is illuminated by sparkling fairy dust twinkling and bright.








Together with the children by their sides the fairies look over the magnificent countryside and honor the vast landscape which lay before them. Being fairies they find they are eager not only to run with the children but to soar across the fields and fly!







The fairies continue playing with the children as they sprinkle the blueberry fields all alight with their magical dust. When twilight sets in they will shape shift back to their original sizes, say goodbye to their human companions and fly back to their magical chambers as the children walk home.










Lula Belle will be the last of the fairy folk to leave. She is happy how everywhere she looks is now sparkled bright with fairy dust to nourish the blueberry fields all through the springtime, twinkling and shimmering each and every night.



Which Way To Fairy Land

Even though you have probably never heard of nor seen it, Theodore Goodheart’s Enchanted Rickshaw has been used for centuries to transport Fairy Folk as well as true believers to Fairyland.












Theodore’s Rik Shaw has many enchantments, one of which is the ability to shape shift from very large to very small and back again.











Which means this Rik Shaw can shrink  to a wee small fairy size or grow large enough to accommodate two human children.

Which way to Fairyland (2)








This sturdy little rig is also enchanted with the gifts of invisibility and fortitude.









All in all a fairy fine transport for those who are lucky enough to enter into Fairy Land.




Tiny Wonders

Fairy Folk have a way of seeing the beauty that is to come….

Tiny Wonders












Whole Lot of Shape Shifting Going On.


Children and Fairies ascend the hill.

Children and Fairies ascend the hill during the magical hours when Fairy Folk are actively shape shifting.

As seamstress to Fairies and mortal children alike,  I have seen many unusual sights. I spend the coldest days of winter and the wettest days of spring making costumes for children who want to dress as fairies as well as making real fairy wear for the fairy folk.











A trend I have noticed in the past few years is how the Home Place Fairies are requesting more and more clothing that has human attributes, such as sneakers and blue jeans to wear under their fairy finery, even cowgirl boots! Human children are easy enough to measure and tailor to their costume needs. But fairy folk…whew that is altogether different.










First of all, historically there have always been only so many days a year when the Home Place Fairies have had the ability to shape shift and increase their size to that of an average mortal child…..at which time I can measure and sew a garment fitting in size.  Once completed I sprinkle on a bit of fairy dust and the garments are enchanted forever and always. This enchantment allows their clothing to increase or decrease in size according to their fairy needs…and shape shifting hours. Well maybe I am just getting older or times are changing in the fairy realm, because the fairy folk around here seem to be shape shifting more than ever before. Why with the children dressing as fairies and the fairies wanting human wear, I tell you when the fairies shape shift to increase their size and then run about with the children, I can barely discern who is a true fairy and who be a mortal human child!







Blue fairies on the blue berry hill or are they children?










Paco has been known to dance with the Fae.


Are they shape-shifting  fairies with children and pets or are they children as fairies with pets?

10 awakening (9)bellaava

At the end of the day does it matter?













Happy May Day!

Happy May Day from the Home Place Fairies and Old Horse!

Happy May Day (1)







Happy May Day (3)









Happy May Day (2)









Happy May Day (5)













Gentle Acts of Kindness

I spied two sweet little fairies walking out of the forest this morning.

One little fairy was helping the other little fairy light her wand

Then the two little fairies walked far out into the meadow with their wands held high, twinkling and bright.














Good Morning Fairy Folk

It’s April, the month before May.

Here in Maine on the north side of a small mountain not far from the sea our garden is filling with fairy folk who are awakening after many months of deep slumber.

The fairies whirl and they twirl and they sing as they sway happy for the warmer weather coming this way.


Spring Fairies








Fairies are stewards of nature, in tune with the natural world they are harmonious beings who work as hard as they play.

Little Luna dog walks out into the garden on this warm sunny day delighted to see Fairies out and about laughing and gay.

Luna is a fairy special dog and shares a secret with the Home Place Fairy Folk.

Remember, magic happens in every garden, all one has to do is look.


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