The thing about dreams is











They color your life with hope and possibilities.

Live your own Great Story










Dreams are transformative, offering comfort, and encouragement.

Little Wonders







Be a wanderer…

a wonderer… a curious seeker of truth,

look real close (2)








a courageous spirit

who is endlessly inspired.

Little fairy with her red boots on.
















Seasons Come and Seasons Go…

As the seasons come and the seasons go, here’s something you might like to know.







There are fairies everywhere!

fairy dust








Under the bushes, in the air, playing games just like you play, singing through the day.

Enchanted woodland fae










So listen, touch and look around, in the air and on the ground.

And if you watch all nature’s thing

you might just see a fairy wing!”

(author unknown)



Last Night as the Sun Set

Last night on Blueberry Hill the moon rose just as the sun set.

Last Night at dusk (1)a








Fairy Folk twinkled in the moonlight as dusk set into night.

Last Night at dusk (2)











Once Upon a Garden

Every garden has a story and mine in large part began here.










Every gardener hears and answers to their own song, has their own vision and every garden is unique.

A long time ago on the south side of a small mountain in a woodland glen I cleared a bit of land bit by selective bit and built a small sunlit house. I gathered together divisions of old plantings from the tiny house I had been living in which sat nestled at the foot of a blueberry hill bordered by a stream, an enchanted forest and one large Apple Tree.









I dug divisions of Bearded Iris, Monkshood, Monarda and Primrose; Old Roses and Solomon’s Seal, Feverfew, Hostas and Rue. My goal was to rescue as much of this garden as I possibly could as the tiny house was to be demolished, the apple tree cut down and the site leveled. I worked long days into the night to better my woodland soil for transplanting and seeds. I wandered deep into the surrounding woodlands filling and gathering together buckets of old composting tree stumps, which I used to lighten and enrich my future garden beds according to what fairy folk say.










I planted flower seeds, Delphiniums, Cosmos, Bells of Ireland. I transplanted Ferns ,Violets, Forget me knots and Bluebells. I planted Arctic Hardy Kiwi, a gift from a Lonely Magician who lived by the Sea.










My Grandmother Catharine ; gardener extraordinaire, traveled a great distance to come view this garden that had always lived inside of me. She came to me one midsummer and shared her secrets of gardening, she whispered to me, “It takes courage to plant roses.., that which you have…”










Sometimes someone comes along who visits my gardens and becomes so moved by the flora, the peace and the strength that a creative spark begins to seed itself deep inside of them and a vision of their own internal garden begins to take form, to sprout to blossom and eventually grow.



Fairy Sweetened Grapes



Little Grape Fairy (1)








This time of year the gardens are abundant with food crops to harvest here at the farm.

The Concord Grapes are ready, recently sweetened by both the sun and the fairy folk.

Little Grape Fairy (2)










Fairies as you probably already know, are shy folk, and not often spotted in the  gardens they tend. It takes an observant eye and a lot of patience if you want to spot the Fae.

It is believed by some that every human child that believes in the Fae has a kindred fairy reflection, an actual fairy that resembles them in appearance and in heart.

Do you wonder if that’s true?

Little Grape Fairy (3)










Tatiana is the Grape Fairy here at Home Place Farm, her mission is to sweeten all of our grape vines with Fairy Dust. In the process the green grapes over time ripen to purple and become oh, so sweet!

Little Grape Fairy (4)










Tatiana takes her job seriously and enjoys it immensely, especially when we humans come and harvest these grapes, savoring their fairy sweet goodness with each and every bite.


Fairy Fine Grape Arbor





So next time you are out in your garden take a moment to pause and look about, there ARE Fairy Folk about, it just takes a wanting eye and open heart to see the beauty they instill all around you.

Remember there magic is in every garden, all one has to do is look.



Once Upon A Time in Fairyland










Home Place Fairies are always on the lookout for new and illuminating discoveries.










They search way down low, sprinkling nourishing fairy dust, encouraging the smallest of flowers to blossom and grow.










Fairies flutter up high into the tallest of trees where wondrous beings hover and fly.








“Don’t you know everyone has a Fairyland.”

      P.J. Travers






Within the Heart of an August Garden

Within the heart of my garden there is a special place for just being and thinking.

memories of summer (1)










Birds congregate with butterflies; Fairy Folk and a special child or two.

garden (4)








Dreams and secrets are shared here.

Within the Heart of an August Garden (2)





A place where for an hour or two you can be anything or anyone you dream your self to be.

You can even ask a bird how she sings!

Within the Heart of an August Garden (3)










Tiny wonders, everywhere.

Within the Heart of an August Garden (4)














Blueberry Fairies

On the north side of a small mountain in Maine the wild blueberry season is drawing to a close.


Blueberry harvest








The harvesters have raked the fields removing all of the blue for human consumption and few berries remain.

Out of their chambers










Every evening during berry season the Home Place Fairies come out of the Enchanted Forest scattering fairy dust helping to nourish and sweeten the berries.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (1)








Under cover of twilight by no mortal are they seen.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (4)










Busy with their chores they remain playful and always take time out to enjoy a blueberry or two.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (5)








As the morning sun begins to rise the fairies head back to the Enchanted Forest, confident that due to their efforts the fields will continue to grow lush with a ripe and bountiful harvest.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (6)










By the time mortals awaken the Fairies will be long gone.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (2)








All that will remain of their twilight labors will be a sparkle or two.

Blueberry Fairy Pickers (3)











Harvesting Flowers

These brilliant red monarda flowers cozied up to a bit of magenta phlox and day lilies are a brilliant bit of Maine Garden Magic.










Harvesting Fairy dusted flowers for arrangements is one of the most pleasant ways I can think of to spend a morning, or an entire day.










Flowers sprinkled with fairy dust have a certain something extra special about them










and are welcome at both happy celebrations as well as those which are sad.







Fairy dusted flowers shimmer and glow,










spreading goodwill and cheer wherever they go.








Whether one stem or pots of plenty, flowers aim to comfort and please.







A single pinch of fairy dust encourages flowers to sprout, blossom and grow.










Happy first day of August from Seamstress to the Fairies!








A Garden Point of View

Here is a north facing view of my  garden taken this afternoon from beneath the grape and hops arbor. Pink and magenta astilbe and brilliant red monardas are in full bloom.

thru grape arbor hop vines








Many things need tending to on the farm this time of year. The pithouse and glass greenhouse need constant monitoring and weeding has become a  daily meditation. At the end of each day I harvest fresh greens, kohlrabi, pok choi and tomatoes,  flowers, kale and herbs.




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