Dream Big

Dream big

Dream Big (4)







Let your imagination run free

Dream Big (6)










Your potential for a creative life is as vast your desires











And as open as your mind.

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Paint your world with the brightest colors you can conjure

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Because Magic can truly happen,


The possibilities are endless.









































Magic all around you










All you have to do…is look.





Have a Fairy Fine Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving; a welcome rain falls.

Yesterday, grand children wrote a welcome to the fairies on our greenhouse door hoping to lure them from their winter chambers one last time.

Fairy Fine Thanksgiving (6)










It appears to have worked, as all of a sudden the little greenhouse filled with fairy dust; twinkled and glowed!










In the afternoon a fox-child looks out from a window, happy to see fairies taking flight. The fox-child knows no heavy snow is predicted for the night.

the day before thanksgiving (2)










Meanwhile deep in the forest of evergreens, a little girl helps her grandfather gather boughs before the sun sets on the horizon.

A small group of Home Place Fairy Folk accompany her wherever she goes.

Late in the day she heads home with grandfather for hot chocolate.

All of the fairies return to their winter chambers and the fox-child returns to where ever it is that fox-children go.

Fairy Fine Thanksgiving (5)








Just before dark a light snow falls and Old Horse returns to his stable for a meal of hay and grain.

Old Horse int he Snow








Fairies and children are snug in their beds when night arrives.

During the deepest, darkest hours of a November night a light snow falls, winds howl and the fox-child does too.

When morning comes the sun shines on Thanksgiving Day.

Inside the greenhouse left over fairy dust continues to glimmer and glow.

Happy Thanksgiving (3)










Here at the Farm our Thanksgiving turkey is roasted and the first child to see it cheers.

Why those dear little Home Place Fairies have sprinkled our turkey with fairy dust ground precious and fine!

A  fairy dusted roast turkey is a gift of appreciation from fairy folks to humans who honor the natural world.

Our  fairy seasoned turkey is filled with gratefulness, joy and good tidings.

Those who eat this bird will feel fulfillment and have an abundance of holiday cheer.

Happy Thanksgiving (2)







Have A Fairy Fine Thanksgiving Holiday!

And you never know maybe, just maybe there might be a  fox-child or Home Place Fairy peeking out at you!

Happy Thanksgiving (1)











Gifts from the Fairy Folk

Thanksgiving is one week away, which is very exciting, and made all the more so by the welcome gifts of gratitude Fairy Folk leave all about our farm.

For the entire week leading up to Thanksgiving Day members of the Fairy Kingdom leave offerings of thanks for all the garments I have sewn or mended over the year, as well as for the Wizard and myself’s preservation of abundant naturalized gardens, woodlands and organic blueberry barrens where fairies and wildlings together mingle and grow.









The Foxchild, one of my very best friends has been keeping an eye out for the Elves, Brownies, Hobgoblins, Pixies, Sprites and Trolls who come ahead of time when no one is looking;  leaving the most delicious surprises which I will serve to family and friends.










Look what Nora Russell, a Troll from the Knoll left for me this morning at the entrance to the Enchanted Forest.

Why it’s one of her Trolly Delicious Flourless Chocolate Cakes!










Nora, like most Trolls is a very accomplished chief. Each year for as long as I can remember  she has left us one of these exquisite cakes.

This years cake is topped with fresh pomegranate seeds and walnuts, set in a herbal bed of fragrant rosemary. Yum.










Nora’s husband William Edwin is gifted composer and violinist, and Nora as well as being a fine chief has a lovely soprano voice. Nora and Edwin perform together with the Grand Troll Opera, and they are about as romantic a couple as you could ever hope meet. Only chances are you will not meet them because Trolls are notoriously shy of humans, so encounters seldom happen.

However if you have a fair amount of patience and a keen ear you might hear, when the breeze is just right; after the wind has died down, William Edwin Troll playing his mesmerizing Marguerite Waltz on Violin as Bella Troll accompanies him on piano.


Live your own great story out loud and remember to thank those whose gentle acts of kindness have touched you.











Woodn’t You Know It

Here in Maine wood is used as a heat source and all sorts of wood burning stoves warm many a mortals home from within.

As late November; early December rolls around more often than not the ground is gently blanketed under a bit of white snow.

Presently the ground remains bare of winter white and temperatures on a sunny day can be warm enough that fairy folk will leave their cozy chambers to flutter and dance outdoors in the crisp fresh air.

Over the weekend just now passed, in a sleepy little town not far from the sea, a group of Home Place Fairies came upon a meticulously stacked wood pile.

Fairy Valentine (3)wood










Without corners, this wood pile was well rounded and humped.

The Home Place Fairies thought it the most beautiful wood pile they had ever seen.

They were delighted thoughtful humans had taken so much care to honor a tree that gave up his wood for fires that would keep their family home warm.

Fairy Valentine (2)wood










The Fairies were so delighted that they sprinkled the wood pile with Enchanted Fairy Dust adding extra warmth to each and every fire these humans would set to warm their home .

Then the Fairies returned to their chambers happy to have discovered humans appreciative enough to honor a once living tree.

Fairy Valentine (1)wood










For whatever reason the day after and the day after that were just as warm as the ones before and the Fairy Folk  again left their chambers for fresh air.

Deciding to pay another visit to the beautifully stacked wood pile they were delighted to see the homeowners had begun stacking another pile of wood  just as beautifully but with a message for the Fairy Folk embedded within.

And wouldn’t you know it, this message set the little Fairies hearts all a flutter.




It’s a Blue Sky Day

This morning presented as a spectacularly warm and wonderful blue sky November day so I decided to go visit the Home Place Fairy Folk.










This time of year they do not leave their cozy winter chambers unless the temperatures rise and the sky is blue, and then they flutter outdoors, flying and dancing , happy as only fairies can be!








Taking the opportunity to enjoy this fine day together I walked as my fairy friends flew to the Magic Waterfall hidden deep within the Forest of Possibilities. We had a wonderful time and kept an eye out for our good friend Sir William Lion, a noble Troll and Guardian of the falls. Sir William lives beneath the falls in a spacious cave lined with tourmaline and rock crystals.










Sir William is rather solitary and can be surly but he’s a heart of gold, big and tender he is. Unfortunately we did not see him today as he must have been off foraging for edibles.








On our return back to the fairy’s chambers we spotted a little girl all alone on Blue Fairy Hill gazing at the sun which had just begun to set.

The fairies and I couldn’t help but wonder what her dreams might be.

Dreamer and Old Horse










Remember your dreams define you, they have the power to give you wings.










“The same substance composes us…the tree overhead, the stone beneath us, the bird, the beast, the star, we are all one, all moving to the same end.”

P.L. Travers, Mary Poppins



Morning Sunrise

Early November in Maine can be rather nippy and chill.

meadow morning sunrise








The sunrise viewed over our back meadow, is glorious and ever changing.








The early morning sky can become a vibrant palate of colors  swiftly changing until the sun herself has fully risen.








As winter approaches the Home Place Fairies slumber late into the day; nestled deep within their cozy winter chambers inside an ancient oak tree.










On occasion I visit with the fairies before the deep snow of winter sets in.










Old Horse is Guardian of the Home Place Fairies.

He stands sentry, guarding the secret entrance to their winter chambers.

Old Horse Guardian of the Home Place Fairies










Long ago he was enchanted by the fairies and though he ages, he never grows old.







Magic surrounds us, all one has to do is look.

Happy Halloween

Halloween is a favorite occasion for all beings of the Fairy Kingdom; especially the Home Place Fairies.











On this date each year from dusk to midnight, Home Place Fairy folk  have the ability to shape shift and increase their size to that of mortal children.









Being mischievous little pranksters they take great pleasure in having a few hours in which  to walk undetected  among costumed mortals.


Halloween Blog 2014 (2)









So look closely when you hear that knock on your door tonight…is this really a costumed child or a clever shape shifting fairy increased to mortal size ?

Halloween Blog 2014 (1)










Happy Halloween Everybody!

Wood Nymphs and Bunnies


Wood Nymph and Bunnies 2016 (2)










As Autumn begins to wane Fairy Folk are busy preparing for winter.

Magic of Blue Fairy Hill








The blueberry barrens on top of Blue Fairy Hill twinkle with fairy dust encouraging plants to surrender their leaves of scarlet and gold.

Wood Nymph Gathers the Bunnies










Meanwhile deep within the enchanted forest a Wood Nymph gathers together all of the bunnies.

Wood Nymph and Bunnies 2016 (5)








Wood Nymphs have a natural affinity for the gentlest and most defenseless beings who inhabit the forest.

Wood Nymph and Bunnies 2016 (1)










Singing chants only Wood Nymphs know, they cast powerful spells transforming bunny brown summer fur into a safer winter white.

Wood Nymph Gathers the Bunnies (2)










Wood Nymphs are as gentle as they are efficient and each bunny once enchanted is returned to his or her own burrow with care.

Wood Nymph and Bunnies 2016 (3)










Late in Autumn as dusk falls the veil that separates our mortal world from the Fairy Realm blurs for a bit…and if you look carefully, listening with your heart as well as your ears…you might…

Wood Nymph and Bunnies 2016 (4)










just might hear the lovely song of a Wood Nymph as she sings to bunnies turning soft brown summer fur into protective winter white.




Tiny Wonders

Autumn has come to the north side of a small mountain in Maine.

Through the greenhouse door into our orchard children go.










Where apple trees whose fruits have been  sweetened by Home Place Fairy Folk are harvested.



















Children gather together collecting the bounty of an ancient Wolf River apple tree which we will press into cider, cook into sauce and bake into pies.









Tiny Wonders










Together the children play as they harvest,










and sing as they dance.

autumn dancer





As Autumn falls all around…










Thank you children for helping harvest and thank you Home Place Fairies for sweetening our fruit trees and encouraging them to grow!




Theodore Troll and Horatio Hobgoblen

Don”t worry things aren’t as they appear; these little fellas are not as snarly as they look.

They are members of the Fairy Realm, Theodore Troll and Horatio Hobgoblin and they are kindly setting out lanterns so trick or treaters do not stumble in the dark.

Troll and Hobgoblin two lights_788x1050










Trolls and Hobgoblins do this every year and are responsible for most of the lighting on Halloween staying lit.

Their lanterns and lights guide costumed trick or treaters on the one evening of the year when their presence does not instill terror and fear.

They know humans too often judge what they see with their eyes and not with their hearts. Because of this Trolls and Hobgoblins generally keep to themselves living deep in forest caves or beneath mounds up on the Knoll.

Halloween Blog 2015










All Hallows Eve or Halloween is the one night when all members of the Fairy Realm can walk among Humans completely undetected, even the humble little Hobgoblins and Trolls.

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