Be yourself.


Full Blue Moon










Everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde





The Magic of Being

Magic Happens in Every Garden.










All you have to do is look.










Helping the Home Place Fairies spread fairy dust on lovely June Poppies in Maine.



Fairies Welcome Here


Fairies are welcome here.

Fairies are welcome here.












Fairyland Transport

Which way to Fairyland?

which way to fairyland (2)












Good Morning Old Horse













If All Your Life Were a Fairytale

If all of your life were a fairytale, if all your dreams came true.








What would you wish for?

What would you most like to come true?







The Fairies say, “Live your life like the blessing and gift that it is.

The thoughts you dream today are the seeds of all your tomorrows.










Whether you dream large, whether you dream small, it really doesn’t matter so long as you dream.










Somewhere in a faraway forest fairies might hear you; they will collect your dreams as you dream them and they will help nourish them so they grow.










Everywhere around us there is so much beauty.

E. Massey photo











“Don’t you know, everyone’s got a Fairyland inside…”



















Magic happens in every garden, all one has to do is look.








Have a Fairy Happy Day!,  from the Home Place Fairies!





Scenes from the Garden in June

Sydney rests under the arbor of arctic kiwi.

June Garden (1)










A lovely little Fairy prepares to sprinkle this mornings ration of fairy dust.

June Garden (2)













Just Before the Rain Came

Home Place Fairies were very busy dusting the gardens in front of my little farmhouse this morning. They were fluttering about, rushing to get all their chores done before the rain came.

June Morning





As the Fairies flew above me sprinkling their fairy dust I planted vegetable and flower seedlings knowing the coming rain will help to settle the little plants in.

Home Place Fairies are magical beings so naturally they finished their chores in a flash, while it took me most of this morning to complete mine.

Fae Morning May (4)










While fluttering about the Fairies met a little girl wandering in the gardens. They complimented her on the clothing she wore, which matched the lilacs in bloom. The child was very polite; she curtsied as she thanked them. Being Fairies they absolutely adore polite children and so asked her to dance with them, which she did!

Fae Morning May (3)










I caught a glimpse as I was planting of the child with the fairies twirling with delight as a gentle rain fell.

When I finished my garden chores I searched for the little girl and Fairy Folk though I could not find them, they were no where to be seen.

The Magic of Believing










Fairies believe in the Magic of Possibilities.










They understand the power of wishful thinking and the magic that is nature and the natural world surrounding us.








June is for Joyful Garden Gatherings






June is a time of jubilation as the gardens have awakened,  alive and abundant.










Foxgloves are a favorite flower of the fairy folk.  Sprinkled with fairy dust they sparkle and glow.








Old Horse in the meadows looks over the Poppies and Fairies alike. He is friend and Guardian of all the Home Place Faires.










Fairy Folk gather, they sing and they dance.








Magic happens in every garden










All one has to do is look…




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