During the harshest part of winter when the temperature here in Maine drops way down low the Wizard and I travel south to an enchanted island in the middle of a turquoise sea.

2 Horses of Isla Nena








This island is home to herds of wild horses, they roam freely with the Hadas, unrestricted and unrestrained. Hadas is the Spanish word for Fairy and caballo means horse… Spanish is this island’s native tongue and the language most spoken there.

Lulu with fairies_720x960










On this island in the middle of a turquoise sea, along with the hadas and caballos lives Lulu. She is a seamstress who designs and makes all of her clothes as well as una artista de ceramica, a ceramic artist of great sensitivity and talent.

Recently one late summer day my dogs Paco and Angel who the Wizard and I adopted from this island so far away began barking, light cheerful little barks with a different ring. I looked out into my door yard and whom did I see? Why it was Lulu of the islands surrounded by glimmering tropical Hadas along with the Home Place Fairies Fae!

4 lulu










Along with Lulu came other island ladies all a glimmer and a glow, how wonderful it was to see these tropical island senoritas in the northern summer light !

5 ladies of Isla Nena









As we walked through the gardens, island ladies and I,  my garden flowers quivered and the Home Place Fairies sighed, delighting in these ladies and their accompanying Hadas whom radiated a brilliant tropical island light.

6 lulu








While we ladies mingled chatting the Home Place Fairy Folk and Hadas conversed delighting in their differences. They learned that despite them they had more in common, so many things about them both that was the same.

Ladies of Vieques in Maine 8 25 2014 (5)a_960x960










Lulu brought a special gift, a beautiful tile which she made. She said the tile was inspired from stories of Old Horse and it was a token of affection created in her studio on this tiny little island so many miles away.











I brought the tile to the fairies for their blessing which they three times bestowed. The first blessing was in the garden beside the Guardian Angel and two quartz stones of precious rose.

8 lulu










A second blessing occurred inside the Alter of the Fairies deep within the enchanted woodland where fairy radiance is inspiring and all dreams flourish and grow.











The third blessing was held deep in the heart of the living garden where human children play. The place where secrets are safely shared and all wishes are bestowed.











After all these blessings were completed and the gift fairy honored , to Old Horse I brought this tile. He lowered his head in gratitude, sending heart felt thanks to Lulu and the ladies along with their Hadas companions who traveled so far from away.

We are grateful for the warmth this tile brings… it holds the sunlight of the island and will warm us during the harshest part of winter when the days become shorter, darker and cold.











As our visit came to a close, farewells were said as Paco basked in the love of his former island’s inhabitants.

All around us the Home Place Fairies danced and sang, embracing their new friends, the fine little tropical Hadas, fairy folk of an Enchanted Isle no longer seeming so distant despite being thousands of miles away.