Very unusual weather this winter with much warmer temperatures than we normally experience. No snow anywhere when a few days ago everything was covered in white. Several days ago I met a night crawler wiggling slowly but with determination across the semi solid ground…from where did he come and where was he intending to go? He could not say so I scooped him up and carefully brought him down into the pit greenhouse where the ground never freezes and greenery all winter grows.

where fairies go (1)




Today the granddaughters and cousins found a frog! Now that was a surprise, groggy but sitting upon solid ground in a clump of withered leaves.

Later when I hiked  down to the waterfalls I was not too surprised to see that the Home Place Fairies had left their cozy winter quarters to flutter and  dance in the warmth of a late December Day. This is highly unusual for them to do this time of the year. To my knowledge this has only happened a few times ever before.

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The forest bordering my farm is enchanted and deep within in very secret places there are two sacred waterfalls where fairies fly.

waterfalls   (1)








For believers anything is possible.