As Seamstress to the Fairies I dress fairy folk…. this is what I do.

seamstress to the fairies (5)








Since early spring fairies of all shapes and sizes have been coming out of the Enchanted Forest and tapping at my door.


The fairies come from near and far








They arrive for the final fittings of their fairy clothing which I have been sewing over the long cold winter months.

Fitting for Fairy Dresses








I am pleased to be adding the finishing touches for outfits they will wear while attending their annual Grand Fairy Spring Ball.

Seamstress to The Fairy Folk










Fairies shape shift to the size of mortal children when they come to me for their fittings. This way I am able to comfortably sew their clothing to fit their bodies perfectly.

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After their garments are adjusted and sewn , I sprinkle them with fairy dust and hang them from a chandelier made from antlers of stag.

A fairy fine dress for the Ball.










Last they are set in the twilight beneath the light of springtime’s first new moon. This increases their magical powers ten fold.

Home Place Fairy Dress









Another small bit of fairy dust is all that is required to reduce their clothing to wee fairy size.

signs of the fae (9)










Fairy dust is very magical,  it allows fairy clothing to fluctuate in size just as the fairy folk do when they shape shift.

Just a wee pinch of fairy dust is all it takes!

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Home Place Fairy Folk love all that glimmers and glows and have a deep affection for jewelry.

Fairies collect jewelry left for them by human children or that which is made especially for them by the Trolls from the Knoll.

grand fairy spring ball








Did you know that somewhere right about now a Home Place Fairy is trying on an outfit for The Annual Grand Fairy Spring Ball?

to the fairy ball










This is a fabulous occasion attended by all members of the Fairy Realm and is held each and every year in a secret location by invitation only.

A Grand Fairy Ball








Meanwhile back in the Fairy Wardrobe Chamber at my farm… human children try on an assortment f magical clothing.











You are only as “magical” as your imagination.

7 7 choices








I must confess, I have been known to sing and dance with the Fairies in May!

Seamstress to the Fairies