On the north side of a small mountain in Maine spring has finally arrived.

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After months of slumbering in cozy chambers deep within an ancient tree the Home Place Fairy Folk have left the forest and are delighted to be out and about.

These two fairies have shape shifted to human child size and left their wings behind for safe keeping, they are on their way to greet Old Horse.

Old Horse is the keeper of  fairy secrets, all winter long he stands, a watchful guardian, protecting the entrance to their hidden chambers.

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Each Spring in exchange for his loyalty and kindness the fairies walk Old Horse through a meadow to the edge of an ancient orchard where they re- enchant him with everlasting time.

Though Old Horse ages he never grows old.

16  Magical things happen at twilight the fae r shape shifters 4 times each yrab








Later after the enchantment has been cast and the fairies gone away, a little girl will walk  far out through that same meadow to the ancient orchard where she will find Old Horse patiently waiting just as he did for her mother and her mother’s mother before her as far back as anyone can remember.

The little girl will recognize Old Horse from her dreams knowing he has been waiting just for her and together they will walk out of his past and into her future.

The little girl awakens to find the Old Horse