Spring has arrived here on the north side of a small mountain in Maine.

spring (4)










Home Place Fairy folk are busy sprinkling my gardens with fairy dust, encouraging plants to sprout, blossom and grow.


spring (11)










spring (10)










Children help with gardening chores, enjoying the wonders of the natural world around themselves.


spring (3)










Swallow tail butterflies arrive savoring the sweet nectar of lilacs in bloom.


Robin's Nest






A Robin has nested among the greenhouse pots and laid a beautiful smooth blue egg which the fairies have sprinkled with protective dust.


spring (6)










Older fairies teach younger ones the art of spreading fairy dust ground precious and fine.

spring (1)










Once educated, out into the garden these young fairies go to spread their magic.


spring (7)








Fairy Dogs serve a special purpose. When they flutter and fly they circle the gardens round and round, increasing their speed. This causes the air to circulate and  fairy dust to scatter both high and low so all plants are touched with this magical powder.


spring (5)










The Fairy Seamstress makes certain all bird baths and fountains are full of fresh clean well water for the nourishment of Fairy Folk and Wild-lings.

spring has come






There really is magic in every garden,












All one has to do

La Luna Moth










Is look…