Spring is  the busiest time of year for all inhabitants of the Fairy Kingdom.

Home Place Fairy Folk  have the pleasant task of sprinkling fairy dust throughout the flower and woodland gardens here at the farm.


Pinch of Fairy Dust (3)








Little Delphinia Fairy sprinkles particles of magic dust throughout the woodland gardens among azaleas and rhododendrons who bow with graditude.








Fairy dust is composed of secret organic ingredients ground precious and fine which when sprinkled onto plants encourages them to sprout, blossom and grow.

The fairies left a bottle of fairy dust.


Fairy Dust has many magical applications besides encouraging flora to flourish and grow.







Each spring Fairy Folk leave me, as Seamstress to the Fairies a bottle of dust that has been specially ground. Just a wee pinch of dust sprinkled on an article of clothing I have sewn allows fairies who wear them to shape shift and change in size from fairy tiny to that of a mortal child.

A fairy fine dress for the Ball.










Here is a fairy dress that has just been sprinkled with fairy dust to reduce it to a wee small size.


to the fairy ball










Here is that same dress as worn by sweet little fairy La Rosa at the Annual Grand Fairy Spring Ball.









There is magic all around, all you have to do is look.










Happy Spring!


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