Lilac season here on the north side of a small mountain in Maine begins during the last weeks of May and if weather permits it can last well until the end of June.

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A hedgerow of common Lilacs both white and shades of purplish pink welcomes quests to our farm.

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Very early in the morning Home Place Fairies arrive and begin to sprinkle the gardens here with fairy dust, which encourages plants to vibrantly sprout, blossom and grow.

Each and every morning I like to do a walk about the farm greeting the wildlings as they awaken and the fairies as they arrive.

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Brunhilde Toad is a good friend of mine, she along with her sister Trixie are magical toads and they live in Madeline’s Enchanted Boarding House. Brunhilde seemed awake rather bright and early this morning, saying, “Deep in the garden lays a wonderful surprise.” Then she casually hopped past on her way to tell her sister what she’d seen.

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Being magical Toads Brunhilde and Trixie have pretty much everything they wish for.

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I noticed Robin had laid one perfect egg in her sweet little nest which the fairy folk have already sprinkled with magical dust for protection.

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I met Old Horse as he was just returning from his morning walk with a group of twinkling fairy folk.

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The Fairy Wardrobe Chamber sat quietly waiting for when human children might arrive. She holds many secrets and all sorts of possibilities.

As a  Fairy Magical Chamber she is filled with garments created by the Seamstress to the Fairies and enchanted with fairy dust.

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Just as the sun began her morning rise fairies began to sprinkle the garden with fairy dust ground precious and fine.











Each morning is different, no day is ever exactly the same.

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Today as I walked about I thought something seemed different somehow, the birds were chirping louder, and Old Horse had returned from his walk earlier than is usual.

And so I looked about the garden searching for a clue.

I came upon Eugene Troll’s large sturdy wooden chair, nothing seemed amiss, but where in fact was Eugene Troll, I wondered ?

Only to remember trolls always return to their underground chambers at the first sign of morning’s light.

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Fairy folk had already dusted the arbor of arctic hardy kiwi and all seemed as it should be.

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Continuing on my merry way I looked high and I looked low seeing nothing unusual, when I spied well into the garden’s center, the most charming little mailbox I ever did see.


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This turned out to be the delightful Miss. Millicent Mae Mailbox. Millicent Mae glistened and glowed; greeting me with a twinkle and a flutter. She had wings! And she spoke!

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Millicent Mae told me she had been made by Eugene the Troll from the Knoll out of fine metals mined by trolls from the hills, far beyond the Enchanted Forest.

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She said Fairies enchanted her, gifting her wings, the powers of invisibility and when and if she so chose it, the ability to fly! Oh, and yes…she was a shape shifter, meaning she can enlarge or decrease her size as it suits her.

No ordinary mailbox is Miss. Millicent Mae, but a fairy special one indeed. Her purpose is to receive hopes, dreams and wishes from children and grown ups and deliver them to Fairyland.

She was on a mission looking for a fairy special location in which to offer her services.

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I never met this little mailbox before and I am so happy to know her name for she did not stay, she chatted with me only briefly as she brightly twinkled, glistened, glimmered and glowed. Cheerfully saying she would be back in 6 days time when the sun shined bright, then she twinkled one last time and poof!

She was gone!

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Remarkable really, what you might find in a garden if only you look.