The following is such a beautiful story of one man’s generosity , one I thought worth repeating.

It is only a mere a sketch of a story, as it really is Ryan’s story and therefore his for the telling.

Every once in a while you meet someone who’s living their dreams.

Lady Katherine and Orion with Luna Puppet










Ryan is such a person, and on the day he arrived in my gardens with Lady Katherine I could not help but notice how the birds sang louder; how flowers appeared more colorful and how the Fairy Folk instead of hiding fluttered freely as if welcoming one of their own. Even shy Luna the Enchanted Puppet showed herself, happily welcoming these guests.

A world traveler Ryan had just returned from South America, Thailand, India and Nepal.

Enchanted by the sound of an ancient Indian violin Ryan had traveled all the way to India in  hopes of finding a teacher and learning to play.

An amazing journey.

Below is a short video tale of what happened the day Ryan found his way into my garden.

The Traveler, The Camel and The Hand Pan

Traveler and the Handpan







Traveler and the Handpan










The background music is mbira, as the Fairies themselves have whispered I play.

Greetings from the endless garden of the mind…where color and flowers are always in bloom.

Follow your heart; and live your own great story out loud.