The Home Place Fairies long ago enchanted the puppets Lady Kathryn made with possibilities.

If conditions are right these puppets are able to run about the fields and gardens here at my farm.

Until a puppet has been touched by a mortal child whose heart is  fresh with possibilities for the future, an ordinary tethered earth bound puppet they must remain.







Dragon was long ago touched by such a child enabling him to run freely without human escort throughout the woodland and gardens.

Lovely Luna (2)










Lovely Luna Puppet had not been touched by a child of possibility and so she stood patiently waiting, growing rather sad.

The fairies La Rosa and Nightingale came by for short visits and told her not to give up hope, that eventually the right little human would come her way.

But La Rosa and Nightingale never stayed for long, they had garden chores to attend to and so Luna was left alone tethered in one place by a pole.









Luna waited what seemed like a very long time for a human child to come.

She waited… and she waited.

Until one day a little girl came into the garden who was filled with much wonder and believed in all sorts of possibilities.

lovely Luna (5)a










This little girl took one look at the forlorn puppet Luna had become and whispered,

“Believe in yourself Luna”.

Then she grabbed hold of the stick that tethered Luna to the ground and made her dependent on humans for flight.

She swished the stick this way and that, faster and faster.

The little girl swished Luna until Luna believed in the possibilities of her own forward motion.

Lovely Luna (6)










Then the child set the puppet back onto the ground to stand on her own.

the fairies left a puppet










Luna began to sparkle with hope and suddenly there seemed to be all sorts of possibilities.

Lovely Luna (7)










Once again the child took firm hold of Luna’s post and tether and told her…

“Shhhh sweet Luna, you always held the ability to set yourself free, all you had to do was to believe in your own strengths, your own potential possibilities.”

And then the child released Luna,

and then the post and child disappeared.

Lovely Luna (8)










Luna stood alone, no longer was she a puppet tethered to the ground.

Luna was a brilliant moth filled with possibilities and she fluttered, sparkling with happiness as she took flight.

Lovely Luna (10)









Sometimes at twilight, I catch a glimpse of Luna in the gardens fluttering about on her own.