Here in Maine wood is used as a heat source and all sorts of wood burning stoves warm many a mortals home from within.

As late November; early December rolls around more often than not the ground is gently blanketed under a bit of white snow.

Presently the ground remains bare of winter white and temperatures on a sunny day can be warm enough that fairy folk will leave their cozy chambers to flutter and dance outdoors in the crisp fresh air.

Over the weekend just now passed, in a sleepy little town not far from the sea, a group of Home Place Fairies came upon a meticulously stacked wood pile.

Fairy Valentine (3)wood










Without corners, this wood pile was well rounded and humped.

The Home Place Fairies thought it the most beautiful wood pile they had ever seen.

They were delighted thoughtful humans had taken so much care to honor a tree that gave up his wood for fires that would keep their family home warm.

Fairy Valentine (2)wood










The Fairies were so delighted that they sprinkled the wood pile with Enchanted Fairy Dust adding extra warmth to each and every fire these humans would set to warm their home .

Then the Fairies returned to their chambers happy to have discovered humans appreciative enough to honor a once living tree.

Fairy Valentine (1)wood










For whatever reason the day after and the day after that were just as warm as the ones before and the Fairy Folk  again left their chambers for fresh air.

Deciding to pay another visit to the beautifully stacked wood pile they were delighted to see the homeowners had begun stacking another pile of wood  just as beautifully but with a message for the Fairy Folk embedded within.

And wouldn’t you know it, this message set the little Fairies hearts all a flutter.