Each day the little girl comes to visit Old Horse as he stands sentry to the hidden entrance of the Home Place Fairies winter chambers.

snow Horse (5)










The little girl brings him fruit and carrots.

She pats him and laughs as he nudges her in greeting.

Old Horse whispers to her that spring is on it’s way, he knows this and he knows so much more.

snow Horse (4)










Together they taste the magic of snow.

snow Horse (3)








As darkness approaches the little girl bids him goodnight and walks home to her house in the woods.

Old Horse will be here tomorrow as he has been each and everyday.

He is her best friend as well as guardian of the Home Place Fairies.

All winter long Old Horse guards the entrance to the fairies chambers and each day the little girl comes to be with him.

Together they enjoy snow and dream of springtime flowers and fairy folk fluttering in the breeze.