Have you ever hugged a fairy horse?











Perhaps you have at some time in your life

Cinderella Hug








but did not realize that you were in the presence of a magical being.

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I have been fortunate to have  encountered numerous fairy horses in my lifetime.








The Home Place Fairy Folk  honor horses, they share many secrets with them.

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Some people believe fairy horses are sent from the fairies to be protectors and guardians of special children and that such children may be enchanted.

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I have reason to suspect some of this might be true.

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A long, long time ago I met  a child so full of magical thoughts that other children found her rather peculiar.

A Fairy Horse for you (2)










Her dreams and wishes were not ordinary childhood thoughts of make believe.

Fairy Horses vintage (4)









They were extra ordinary thoughts of Believe Making.

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The Fairy Horse that entered her dreams was as real as any daytime companion and together they explored curious and rather exquisite places that only children on fairy horses can go.

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This little girl knew that if she believed long and hard enough, the Fairy Horse would remain true in her heart and that endless possibilities would forever come their way.

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Each night without exception the child was grateful when a fairy horse galloped into her dreams.










She believed this nighttime companion truly existed even when during her waking hours others laughed and said it could not be so.









Each and every night while the little girl slept she and the fairy horse explored a unique expression of another world together,  sharing secrets, future hopes and dreams.

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There are fairy horses and special children all around us though not everyone has a willingness to see the magic that lays before them.











Sometimes extra ordinary Believe Makers meet other dreamers like themselves.








ZZZ2013 Natalie 6 Luciana 4 - Copya








When this happens everything is twice as much fun.








Fairy Horses come in all shapes and sizes just like children and fairies do.

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When you go to bed tonight know that somewhere, some place a  child may be dreaming,  an extra ordinary Believer, riding an extraordinary fairy horse of his or her own.

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If your heart and mind remain open you will never loose the power of magical thinking.

Have you hugged your fairy horse today 11 2014 (8)_1400x1050








Childhood is filled with unlimited possibilities, the days can seem endless.

A Stable mates (7)










In time we out grow our younger selves and a larger person we become.

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Children grow older and some forget about fairy horses.







Other children never forget and remain believers of magical possibilities their entire lives.








As parents they will teach their own children about fairies,  extra ordinary thinking and Believe Making.

Fairy Horses vintage (2)










These are the children that though they age never grow old, remaining hopeful dreamers for all of their days .

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The fairies never leave these extra ordinary Believe Makers

ZZZZ dreams1990 Brooke and Cinderella are 10 Sadie the dog - Copy










and though you cannot see them there is always a fairy at their side.

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Believe Making and extra ordinary thinking does not have to end with the passing of childhood.











One can retain extra ordinary thinking.

A Stable mates (4)










True believers have the ability to soar high in a world of endless possibilities, remaining forever enchanted with hopefulness.

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Have you hugged your fairy horse today whomever and whatever you perceive him to be?

A Stable mates (1)



















Enchanted by the fairies and blessed with the love of children, fairy horses age but they never grow old.

A Fairy Horse for you (1)










Hold on to your dreams they will become the beacons that guide you into your future.







And always,  remember  “Fairy Horses” come in all shapes and sizes

Fairy Horse Magic_698x960










And everyone is unique, just like you.

March 2018









As a late winter wind swirls through the hills and among my now dormant gardens there is a sense of timelessness

Grand Old Horse










no separation between the here and now and the before now.

Grand Old Horse (1)a - Copy








All the children and fairy horses past dance with those of the present

June 2009 Brooke Girls Horses (15) - Copyap









their laughter forever echos among the dried and dormant foliage woven together through the ages like vines.

Horse lovers July 9 2010 bc - Copy







I see them all

Fairy Land merges with the here and now. 1








All the children and the child I once was playing together like the fairies do,

New Year 2017 (4)










As one Old Horse stands forever and always, facing west, watching,  as old as time.

Off to join the Fairies - Copy










Our friend, our sentry, our guardian; Old Horse will remain so until the end of time.







For Fairy Horses never age and never grow old and they never ever truly leave you, not really.

Hug your Fairy Horse










The gifts they have given, the love they have bestowed will for always reside within your heart.

Magic of Old Horse










From this day forward every step the little girl takes,

Stable Mates








every step her sister takes ;

Grand Old Horse was he








Every step her mother and her mother’s mother steps,








will forever and always will be in the light cast from Old Horse, their protector, guardian, beacon; their forever shining light.











As a full fledged Fairy Horse, our Grand Old Horse walks with the fairies now he’s galloped on before us into Fairyland.

The Enchanted Horse










He has returned to the place of all magic and all childhood beginnings.

Love of a Horse










We know that the love he benevolently bestowed upon us  has no limits, no restrictions, no bounds.

Grand Old Horse










True love lasts,  here now, forever and always.

Love of a Grand Old Horse










We love you more than words can ever say.









Love a Fairy Horse










Horse Dreaming Deep










Off to the Fairies










Old Horse (5)








Old Horse








Live your own Great Story out loud.

1990 Brooke 10 yrs on Horse 9 yrs - Copyaa










God Speed Old Horse… we love you more than words can say.