Lilacs in Maine Where the Fairy Folk Glow








Springtime Lilacs; early summer Lilacs and Lupines too,  oh what a sight!

Lilacs and Lupine (4)








The Home Place Fairy Folk have been very busy this spring and early summer tending the lilacs and lupines as well as countless other plants here at the farm.











The fairies spent a long and very cold winter confined to their cozy chambers hidden deep within the Enchanted Forest.

November Tales (6)










After a good long slumber they awoke to a slow spring, much rain and lingering cold. The skies were often gray; flora was slow to green and because of this the fairies could not leave their chambers for more than a few minutes at a time, until much later in the season than ever before.

Home Place Fairy Dust










Being well rested from a long winters sleep they occupied their time by grinding what became an abundance of fairy dust for sprinkling on springtime flora.

sprinkling fairy dust







Fairy Dust is enchanted of course with that extra special something that encourages each plant it is sprinkled upon to sprout, blossom and GLOW as well as grow!

Lilacs and Lupine (2)





sprinkling fairy dust






The fairies happily and efficiently work together in pairs, side by side grinding precious stones and minerals, chanting and singing spells as stones turn into magical dust. Then  out into the gardens the fairy folk fly, sprinkling fairy dust as they flutter way up high and way down  low.

Lilacs and Lupine (5)








Their exuberance and hard work shows for the woodland, meadows and gardens here at the farm have never looked more vibrant and happy.

Lilacs and Lupine (2)





Thank you Home Place Fairies and all my Fairy Friends far and wide.

Lilacs and Lupine with fairy dust glow








Remember , magic happens in EVERY garden, all one has to do is look.