Fae in the Garden (1)










September is the busiest time of year here at our farm. There are so many fruits and vegetables ready to be harvested all at the same time.

Fairy Folk busily sprinkle fairy dust to ripen and sweeten fruits, vegetables, autumn flowers and herbs.

Here at our farm the Wizard and I along with the assistance of Grand Children and Fairies have harvested all of our blueberries and peaches. Grapes are sweetening and our Arctic Hardy Kiwi vines are waiting for the first gentle frost to ripen their abundant bounty of fruit.

Fae in the Garden (2)










Esmeralda climbs among the branches of “Aria”, a Great Wolf River Apple Tree, on the look out for what few apples Aria will produce this season. Wolf River Apple trees produce bountiful harvests every other year and Aria was heavy with fruit last year so will offer up only a few random apples this season.

Taking her task seriously, Esmeralda will search until she finds those few apples and collect them for pie.