Here on the north side of a small mountain in Maine winter has made clear she has finally arrived.

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Early each morning I go out into the garden to tend Old Horse. Some mornings the sky is brilliant with colors of the rising sun.

Hapy New Year 2017 (1)






Other mornings the skies are rather grey but a gray softer than most blues.

New Year 2017 (4)










What ever colors the sky presents or the weather at hand, Old Horse is always there to greet me.

Old Horse was long ago enchanted by Home Place Fairy Folk and though he ages, he never grows old.

First Snow (10)










Old Horse is very wise; he is the sentry and guardian of the Home Place Fairies winter chambers.

where do the fairies go when it snows (8)








Though I spend most all of my hours here at the farm with Old Horse and the Fairy Folk, I am still in awe of how very beautiful the world around me is.

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Greenhouse Fairy Tree (1)