Here at our farm on the north side of a small mountain in Maine we honor the fairies all year long.

z where the faireis go (8)










During these quieter months of winter when the ground is frozen hard snow covered statuary  adorn the gardens and pathways to the meadow

z where the faireis go (6)










as well as the entryway to The Enchanted Woodland

z where the faireis go (7)










In this way we honor the fairies even when they are no longer with us having retired to their winter chambers before the first snow.

z where the faireis go (11)










The Home Place Fairies spend all but the coldest months of winter helping tend my gardens and blueberry barrens at the farm.

After a long growing season they deserve their winter rest.

z where the faireis go (9)









Fairy Folk are tiny and delicate and winters are cold here in the north country.

z where the faireis go (12)










Home Place Fairies have humble chambers in which they rest and retire, cozy and warm deep within an ancient oak tree.

where fairies go (2)










As for myself I sit by the fire sewing fairy finery

signs of the fae (9)










Using enchanted fairy dust left for me by the fairies last spring I am able to reduce the garments from human to fairy size.

where fairies go (1)





I tend to the plants in my little earth bound pit greenhouse.

where they go (2)








Most days I walk through my gardens under cover of snow

z where the faireis go (2)










I wander atop Blue Fairy Hill and meander about the back meadow still enchanted with fairy glow.







Though I will not see them until spring, the warmth of my fairy friends is forever within my heart where ever I go.