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When the snow falls my granddaughters ask me,” Nana where do the fairies go”.

Children have been asking that question for generations.

Here is a wonderful little poem written in 1917 and published in her book “Beyond The Mountain” by Sarah Stokes Halkett that asks the same question in a very delightful way.

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The Snowdrops


Where do the pretty fairies go

When the world is white with snow?

I asked the sun, he did not know,

He never saw the fairies go.

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Where do the gentle fairies stay

When all the world is cold and gray?

I asked the moon, he could not say;

He too wonders where the fairies stay.

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Where do the little fairies hide

When on the ice we slip and slide?

I asked the stars, they only sighed;

It’s lonely when the fairies hide.

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Where do the pretty fairies go?

I think perhaps the flowers know

I’ll wait until the snowdrops grow,

And ask them where the fairies go.