Fae in the Greeenhouse










Esmeralda Fairy enters my greenhouse each and every morning with her baskets of fairy dust flavoring our kale plants, so divine.

Kale for the Fae










We are very appreciative of Esmeralda’s efforts and welcome the Home Place Fairies that help tend our gardens.

Kale in the Greenhouse






It is very important to express appreciation and gratitude to all of those who offer their services so selflessly.

Kale and Chard










The Wizard and I harvest Esmeralda’s Fairy sweetened Kale from our glass greenhouse from March until late November… when we let the greenhouse rest for the winter.










My family loves kale which I grow in straw mulched garden rows next to bush beans and kohlrabi, lettuce and chard.









I enjoy planting kale in different environments such as raised beds covered with remay.  Remay is a sheer gardeners fabric which lets in the warming rays of sunlight as well as rain drops pass through.  Remay protects Kale’s tender leaves from insects such as aphids, weevils or mites

Kale is delicious and used in many Fairy Folk recipes here at the farm.