August is the hottest of months in Maine and tiny wonders abound this time of year.

Tiny August wonders (1)










Late in the afternoon as the sun reaches her rise, little fairy feet retreat from the gardens and greenhouse entering into the Enchanted Woodland for the cool comfort of shade.


Walk 3 times making a Fairy Wish Woodland







The smallest of the small are carried as Fairies march through the woodland to hidden chambers; resting during the hottest hours of each day.

1 Harvest time is here










Fairies work long hours from twilight to dawn ripening the harvest which will be gathered by mortals during the day.

2 Vegtables ripen in greenhouse amid fairy dusting










Fairy sweetened tomatoes, ripen in the greenhouse. Yum.

Tiny August wonders (3)








Taking one last look around to see that all is as it should be,the last of the home Place Fairies flee for the day.

sprinkling fairy dust








But do not worry they will be back again at twilight to work and play.