From the moment I stepped out into my dooryard this morning I knew this day was special.

All about me the ground was covered with new fallen snow; all was silent, all was still.

It is Christmas Eve, the Eve before the most sacred day of all days in all of the world .

Fairies, humans and animals all respect and honor this day.

Xmas Fairies (1)










I intentionally wander about my farm with a deepening sense of gratitude for the God of All, Things whomever and whatever we each perceive her to be.

Xmas Fairies (2)










Entering the pit greenhouse far below the frost line, I am awed by how the greenery flourishes despite the outside snow.

Xmas Fairies (3)








In the Children’s Garden, all is still, the flowers slumber, dormant beneath a blanket of white; not a fairy nor human in sight.

Xmas Fairies (4)






Crossing the back meadow I pass Old Horse as he stands and has stood sentry for eons, guarding the entrance to the Home Place Fairies winter chamber as he has done each and every day.







Heading up the knoll strolling through the woodland amidst white with new fallen snow I am awed by the natural world all around me. Paco my pal forever and always will race me to Blue Fairy Hill.

Xmas Eve (3)










We will cross over the bridge of The Stream of Dreams where wand makers create magic each Easter in spring.

Xmas Eve (1)








We will walk through the glen where The Good Gnomes reside.

Xmas Eve (4)








Paco and I, hiking to the top of Blue Fairy Hill where I pledge my allegiance to the land before and beneath me, far and wide.







Just before dusk sets in I hear laughter and catch a glimpse of a lone child at the top of the hill as she dances with her Teddy alone in the snow.

Xmas Fairies (8)










This child has discovered an enchanted Christmas Tree left by the Fairies, Elves, Gnomes and Trolls.

Over her left shoulder way up in the sky I see the protective guiding light of the north star watching over her as she sings thanks to the powers that be.

Heading back down the hill Paco and I enter the enchanted Woodland where the Home Place Fairies dwell.

Xmas Eve (2)








There I leave an offering upon the Alter of the Fairies at the foot of their Great Oak Tree.












My gift to them, a token of thanks for all the magic they bring to our world.








As I leave the woodland and head for home I sense though could not see the Home Place Fairy folk looking out at me.

Xmas Fairies (11)










My little farmhouse looks so cozy and warm after a day wandering about in the cold.







The walkway to home looks inviting, all a glimmer and welcoming with lights.

There truly is no place like home on Christmas Eve night, surrounded by loved ones, pets and family at your side.

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Wishing you all wherever you are A Fairy Merry Christmas from the north side of a small mountain in Maine!

Love from  The Home Place Fairies and The Fairy Seamstress

Peace be within us all.