August Summer Daze

Welcome to August, the hottest month of the year in Maine.               Children and Fairy Folk delight in these hot summer days. Our gardens for the time being require less attention as far as weeding goes and sprinklers take care of the necessary watering. Which leaves plenty of time […]

Once Upon A Time in Fairyland

                  Home Place Fairies are always on the lookout for new and illuminating discoveries.                   They search way down low, sprinkling nourishing fairy dust, encouraging the smallest of flowers to blossom and grow.             […]

Days of August

If you are among those fortunate enough to find yourself deep within the heart of a wild garden during the days of August you may encounter Fairy Folk when they are most playful.               Take time to stop; smell flowers and listen to birds as they sing with their […]

What if I Fall?

“What if I fall?”                   “Oh, but my darling,”                   “What if you fly?”           So much magic and wonder surrounds us.                   The inhabitants of the […]

Esmeralda’s Fairy Sweetened August Kale

                    Esmeralda Fairy enters my greenhouse each and every morning with her baskets of fairy dust flavoring our kale plants, so divine.                   We are very appreciative of Esmeralda’s efforts and welcome the Home Place Fairies that help […]


In August on the north side of a small mountain in Maine Where the Elfswort blooms golden and 6 feet tall, Home Place Fairy Folk dance the Midsummer Waltz of the Fairies.                   Amid Scarlet Monarda, Red Astillbe; beneath Joe Pye Weed and Phlox, all shades of […]

Harvesting Flowers

These brilliant red monarda flowers cozied up to a bit of magenta phlox and day lilies are a brilliant bit of Maine Garden Magic.                   Harvesting Fairy dusted flowers for arrangements is one of the most pleasant ways I can think of to spend a morning, or […]

All Is Fairy Fine on Blueberry Hill

On the north side of a small mountain in Maine sits a happy little farmhouse surrounded by gardens of vegetables, flowers, berries and herbs. This little farmhouse is circled round and round by meadows of rich hay to the south and a lovely hardwood forest to the east.               […]

Picking Blueberries on Blue Fairy Hill and Blue Berry Yogurt Bars

When  blueberry season arrives folks ask me for my fairy fine recipe for yummy Blueberry Yogurt Bars. As August approaches there are plenty of fresh blueberries to be had here in Maine. Remember you can certainly use frozen berries if you do not have fresh and have the same results. Mid July through August are […]


                    I find walking through my garden is the absolute best way to begin any day.