Theodore Troll and Horatio Hobgoblen

Don”t worry things aren’t as they appear; these little fellas are not as snarly as they look. They are members of the Fairy Realm, Theodore Troll and Horatio Hobgoblin and they are kindly setting out lanterns so trick or treaters do not stumble in the dark.                   […]


                    Autumn Falls in a splash of vibrant color on the north side of a small mountain in Maine.           It’s mid October and we are busy harvesting ┬álate season crops.               The last peaches, pears, […]

Wood Nymphs and Bunnies

                    As Autumn begins to wane Fairy Folk are busy preparing for winter.               The blueberry barrens on top of Blue Fairy Hill twinkle with fairy dust encouraging plants to surrender their leaves of scarlet and gold.       […]

“Troll Slaw” A Troll Tale and Recipe

Trolls are an elusive group and among the largest inhabitants of the Fairy Kingdom as well as perhaps the most misunderstood. Here on the north side of a small mountain in Maine we live and work side by side all sorts of magical beings including a Clan of Trolls. Some Troll facts : Did you […]

Autumn Falls

Out and about Fairy Folk are gathering nuts and fruits by the wayside.           With carts and rik shaw they collect acorns and walnuts; apples and pears.                   They play as they work, they work as they play.           […]

Shadow Dancer

  Express yourself …                   Dance … because you can. Sing … because you want to.                   Take time out each and every day to be outdoors among the natural world.                 […]

Apples to Harvest

October is apple season in Maine.                   It is when the Fairy Kingdom and mankind merge together working side by side to harvest nature’s bounty.                   Humans unlike Fairy Folk cannot always see what lays directly before them, so […]


The thing about dreams is                   They color your life with hope and possibilities.                   Dreams are transformative, offering comfort, and encouragement.             Be a wanderer… a wonderer… a curious seeker of truth,   […]

Simply Wander-Full

Two little Fairies left the forest with their wands hoping to meet and wondered                   As they wandered …               How simply wander-fully wonderful wandering with wands can be!  

Live Your Life

Live your life, create your own Great Story.                   Run with the wind…                   Chase after fairy lights… The possibilities, they are endless…