The thing about dreams is                   They color your life with hope and possibilities.                   Dreams are transformative, offering comfort, and encouragement.             Be a wanderer… a wonderer… a curious seeker of truth,   […]

Simply Wander-Full

Two little Fairies left the forest with their wands hoping to meet and wondered                   As they wandered …               How simply wander-fully wonderful wandering with wands can be!  

Live Your Life

Live your life, create your own Great Story.                   Run with the wind…                   Chase after fairy lights… The possibilities, they are endless…    

September Points of View

A Statue of the Fairy Guardian Angel honors the day’s first light as glimmers of fairy dust twinkle all around.                   This will be a fine day.               The sun will shine for awhile               […]

Live What You Dream

Dream dreamer, Dream big and dream wide, Dream often and consciously, Soon you will be living your own Great Story out loud.                   The possibilities are endless…      

Picking Blueberries on Blue Fairy Hill and Blue Berry Yogurt Bars

Folks have been asking for this recipe again as there are still plenty fresh blueberries to be had here in Maine. Remember you can use frozen berries with the same excellent results. Mid July through August are the months for harvesting blueberries here on Blue Fairy Hill in Maine. The fields are bountiful with berries […]

Simply Salads

As September approaches with her cool shortening days, fairy folk work diligently alongside the grand children and I as we harvest and prepare our foods for winter storage.                   Early each morning the fairies add an extra sprinkling of fairy dust to help ripen and mature our […]

Tiny Wonders Everywhere

                                  Magic happens in every garden, all you have to do is look.                    

Ask a Bird

                                      Quote by Cooper Edens…                   Harvesting organic blueberries, one with the land.                   Unity, Hope, Freedom, Harmony, Liberty, and Friendship, […]

Snipping Calendula Heads and Other Assorted Things

This Morning Glory greeted me in the greenhouse at the start of my day. Isn’t she spectacular?                   Across the aisle from Glory sat this lovely Fushia and her sweet heart, the most handsome Wax Begonia.                   When I […]