Live a Great Story

Magic is in the hands and hearts of all true believers.                   Live your life like one big Great Story. Express yourself, Be adventurous, Be creative, Remain curious about the natural world around you.   My dear sister of the heart, Dory Anna is a friend of […]

Little Bit of Summer in the Pit House

Attached to our barn we have a pit greenhouse.                   Our so called Pit House is a greenhouse buried 8 feet deep into the earth with a southern facing glass roof.         A wonderful haven where magic happens all year long.       […]

Memories of Summer

Which way to Fairyland?                   That all depends on how much you believe in Fairies.             And how much you believe in possibilities.             Also how adventurous and imaginative you are.             […]

Jack Frost

  Our vintage 120 year old glass greenhouse has become a magnificent backdrop for a talented artist.               A playful prankster who finds great fun in nipping noses, ears and fingers as well as an enormous amount of satisfaction and delight in painting ice patterns on lucky window panes. […]

The Little Fairy Wardrobe of Possibilities

This morning’s view from my Fairy Wardrobe Chamber, a place where mortal children may mingle with genuine fairies while trying on costumes and selecting magical musical instruments for pleasure.               The potential for “magical” expression rests within each and everyone of us.               […]

Warmth From Within

Here at our farm on the north side of a small mountain in Maine we honor the fairies all year long.                   During these quieter months of winter when the ground is frozen hard snow covered statuary ¬†adorn the gardens and pathways to the meadow     […]

Greenhouse Garden Skies

Here on the north side of a small mountain in Maine winter has made clear she has finally arrived.           Early each morning I go out into the garden to tend Old Horse. Some mornings the sky is brilliant with colors of the rising sun.           Other […]

A Fairy’s Eye View

Our farm in the springtime is a haven for Fairies.           Come each and every spring the Home Place Fairies leave the shelter of their winter chambers and soar high above our farm singing in the breeze.           Singing and playing, whirling and twirling they are busy […]

Happy New Year

“It’s not about what you look at that matters, it’s about what you see.” Henry David Thoreau                   On the north side of a small mountain in Maine, The Home Place Fairies             Along with a Wizard and the Seamstress to the […]

Beyond the Mountain

                  When the snow falls my granddaughters ask me,” Nana where do the fairies go”. Children have been asking that question for generations. Here is a wonderful little poem written in 1917 and published in her book “Beyond The Mountain” by Sarah Stokes Halkett that asks the […]