Happy New Year

Happy Glorious New Year from the Home Place Fairies!                    

Happy New Year

                              Happy New Year From the Home Place Fairies!!!!!                    

Somewhere Over the Mountain

Somewhere far away on the north side of small mountain is a garden filled with all sorts of magical possibilities. A large and very beautiful garden that lays resting beneath a covering of soft white snow…                   Experience a glimpse of this wonderland… as we dream together. […]

A Long Time Ago

Once a long, long time ago I knew a little girl who lived in a little house in a little wood.                   The little girl lived with a fairy horse and two tame wolf dogs deep within an enchanted forest in a clearing by a stream.   […]

Waiting For Santa

                Merry Christmas!!!

A Fairy Merry Christmas To You

From the moment I stepped out into my dooryard this morning I knew this day was special. All about me the ground was covered with new fallen snow; all was silent, all was still. It is Christmas Eve, the eve before the most sacred  day of all days in all of the world . Fairies, […]

The Magic of all your Believing

Christmas is a powerful time in the Fairy Kingdom, the Elves and Gnomes are particularly busy. Human children far and wide are writing lists of wishes, wants and desires. The Home Place Fairies cheerfully depart from cozy winter chambers waving wands, busily casting enchantments upon any childhood wish that happens to linger, determining the integrity […]

Wishing You A Fairy Merry Christmas

From the north side of a small mountain in Maine we wish you a Fairy Merry Christmas and a Fairy Happy New Year!!!                   What could be better than Christmas? Why a Christmas Birthday!                 Happy Birthday Nightingale and Feliz […]

First Day of Winter Here in Maine

The first day of winter has arrived here at the Farm and the Home Place Fairy Folk celebrate accordingly.           Yesterday Blue Fairy Hill was covered in snow; today heavy December rains have arrived washing it all away.                   What a difference one […]

Magic of Snow