Which Way to Fairyland

          “Don’t you know that everybody’s got a Fairyland of their own?”               P.L. Travers (Mary Poppins)                    

Fairies Everywhere and Always

While out wandering one fine day I met a little Green Fairy dancing all alone in the forest.                   Upon seeing me the little fairy politely bowed, curtsied, giggled and twirled.                   As I stepped closer she paused and […]

Shadow Dancer

  Express yourself …                   Dance … because you can. Sing … because you want to.                   Take time out each and every day to be outdoors among the natural world.                 […]

Tiny Wonders of This World

Home Place Fairies are generous and kind.             They know that gentle acts of kindness reach far and wide. What touches one, touches all.   “If you want to go fast Go alone. If you want to go far Go together.”   African Proverb and Fairy Proverb too!     […]

Harvest Time

                    September is the busiest time of year here at our farm. There are so many fruits and vegetables ready to be harvested all at the same time. Fairy Folk busily sprinkle fairy dust to ripen and sweeten fruits, vegetables, autumn flowers and herbs. Here at […]


                    Friends come in all shapes and sizes.                 Cherish them for the gifts they are.                    

Fairy School Begins

Make sure you are fairy careful and pay extra attention when driving,                   All sorts of Wee Folk are out and about heading to and from school.          

Recipe for a Fairy Fine Pixie Pear Tart

                Yum, there is nothing quite like a Pixie Pear Tart made from freshly picked pears. Here is a delicious and simple recipe for making a pear tart of your own that my fairy friends shared with me. I have included a gluten free version for the crust. […]

September Garden

September is a generally a month of superb, kind weather. The heavy heat of summer has passed and cool nights have settled upon us.               This is the time of year when my gardens have grown beyond their borders, boldly heralding their abundance.             […]

Fairy Magic