Summer Folk, Fairy Folk

Fairy Folk are clever and spry.

summer possibilities










They are ageless, helpful, resourceful and can be mischievous too.

Fairy Folk have been around since the beginnings of Time.

Summer is when they reign in all their glory.

Midnight Fae










So take note some full moon summer’s eve, perhaps what you perceive as some tiny little firefly is actually a wee small Fae out dancing in the moonlight.

Full Moon Blue















Lovely Luna and the Magic of Possibility.

The Home Place Fairies long ago enchanted the puppets Lady Kathryn made with possibilities.

If conditions are right these puppets are able to run about the fields and gardens here at my farm.

Until a puppet has been touched by a mortal child whose heart is  fresh with possibilities for the future, an ordinary tethered earth bound puppet they must remain.







Dragon was long ago touched by such a child enabling him to run freely without human escort throughout the woodland and gardens.

Lovely Luna (2)










Lovely Luna Puppet had not been touched by a child of possibility and so she stood patiently waiting, growing rather sad.

The fairies La Rosa and Nightingale came by for short visits and told her not to give up hope, that eventually the right little human would come her way.

But La Rosa and Nightingale never stayed for long, they had garden chores to attend to and so Luna was left alone tethered in one place by a pole.









Luna waited what seemed like a very long time for a human child to come.

She waited… and she waited.

Until one day a little girl came into the garden who was filled with much wonder and believed in all sorts of possibilities.

lovely Luna (5)a










This little girl took one look at the forlorn puppet Luna had become and whispered,

“Believe in yourself Luna”.

Then she grabbed hold of the stick that tethered Luna to the ground and made her dependent on humans for flight.

She swished the stick this way and that, faster and faster.

The little girl swished Luna until Luna believed in the possibilities of her own forward motion.

Lovely Luna (6)










Then the child set the puppet back onto the ground to stand on her own.

the fairies left a puppet










Luna began to sparkle with hope and suddenly there seemed to be all sorts of possibilities.

Lovely Luna (7)










Once again the child took firm hold of Luna’s post and tether and told her…

“Shhhh sweet Luna, you always held the ability to set yourself free, all you had to do was to believe in your own strengths, your own potential possibilities.”

And then the child released Luna,

and then the post and child disappeared.

Lovely Luna (8)










Luna stood alone, no longer was she a puppet tethered to the ground.

Luna was a brilliant moth filled with possibilities and she fluttered, sparkling with happiness as she took flight.

Lovely Luna (10)









Sometimes at twilight, I catch a glimpse of Luna in the gardens fluttering about on her own.

A Very Grand Fairy Tea Party

Sometimes if a community is lucky they might have an individual or two who stands out for their selfless acts of giving. Here in mid coast Maine generations of children have been fortunate enough to have been acquainted with an entire family of such individuals whose hearts overflow with generosity and love. A big shout out to Miss. Bette, Miss. Angie, Miss. Jo, Mr. Jerry and Miss. Suzanne!

Grand Fairy tea 2016 (14)








The Wizard and I once again hosted our annual end of the school year Grand Fairy Tea Party for one of the most dynamic preschools we know of. Annie a lovely wandering minstrel was here delighting us with her music and like the flowers in our gardens she was beautiful to behold.

Grand Fairy tea 2016 (12)










Grand Fairy tea 2016 (13)










Adults and children danced and pranced as we paraded through gardens with shy little fairies glimmering beside us.

Grand Fairy tea 2016 (31)






Grand Fairy tea 2016 (29)






Grand Fairy tea 2016 (30)







Throughout the morning with help of parents and friends I collected wishes from all of the children which were deposited within a tiny wicker basket; later attached to balloons and sent off to the Fairies to everyone’s delight. What fun on a brilliant day!

Grand Fairy tea 2016 (34)










Grand Fairy tea 2016 (38)








Grand Fairy tea 2016 (42)






Grand Fairy tea 2016 (43)







Grand Fairy tea 2016 (44)







Grand Fairy tea 2016 (45)






Grand Fairy tea 2016 (46)







Here’s a little movie/ slideshow of our wonderful morning of celebration. Click on the link below…enjoy.

Grand Fairy Tea Party

I wonder what kinds of wishes the fairies received?….

Grand Fairy tea 2016 (47)










Wishes for the Fairy Folk

Recently a group of children wrote down their wishes in my garden and released them to the sky hoping the fairies would receive them.

Grand Fairy tea 2016 (24)







Grand Fairy tea 2016 (35)









As Seamstress to the Fairies I know the fairy Folk quite well, and each year I help a new group of children prepare their wishes to send off to Fairyland.

Grand Fairy tea 2016 (36)










Each child is allowed one wish and into a tiny wicker basket the wishes are placed. I then attach a bouquet of balloons to the tiny basket of wishes which if one looked ever so closely they would notice the paper upon which the wishes is written  has begun to glimmer ever so slightly and glow. No ordinary balloons are these, but magically enchanted balloons. Once they are attached to the tiny wicker basket, the wishes that have been placed within will rise up into the balloons filling them with promise and direction. When released by a special someone the balloons will fly way up into the sky headed directly for Fairyland.

Grand Fairy tea 2016 (40)



















Each year on a special day a different group of children release their wishes to the Fairies.

















Grand Fairy tea 2016 (44)

















Meanwhile in Fairyland the Fairy Folk await the arrival of baskets of wishes.











Fairyland is wherever and whatever you want to dream it to be. It is a forever place in the Kingdom of Childhood where all  wishes and dreams planted today sprout, blossom and grow into all of your tomorrows .

A place where hopes,wishes, dreams and promises really can come true.

wishes to the fairies (2)








wishes to the fairies (4)










wishes to the fairies (5)













Creative Exploration

Imagination (im-ag-i-na-tion)

The ability of the mind to be creative and resourceful.


Fairyland  (3)










Creativity (cre-a-tiv-i-ty)

Individuality, original ideas;  the use of  your imagination.

Make a Wish










“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”











Rejoice in your own unique individuality.

Fairyland  (9)






Explore the world around you.

Isn’t it spectacular?!

Fairyland  (1)










Many wonders lay before you which will become visible when you pause and slow down to look more closely.

Fairyland  (5)










Gardens are full of all kinds of wonders and no two days are ever the same.

Fairyland  (2)










Follow your own path,

Become an explorer, an adventurer,










Be courageous and become the author of your own life story.

Fairyland  (6)










The possibilities are endless.


Fairyland  (7)















Dancing With the Fae

“Hand in hand with fairy grace

Dancing with the Fae










We sing we dance, we bless this place.”

W. Shakespeare



Garden Magic

Oh, how I love the possibilities each day offers.

fairy lights










Gardens are full of all kinds of wonders no matter how large or how small they may be.







As long as a garden is lovingly tended all kinds of plants will sprout, blossom and grow.










Fairies love gardens and every garden has Fairies….

Everyone enjoys Fairies and Fairy Folk appreciate all the attention they receive even if they remain secretive and hidden.

Fairies (3)






Did you know plants enjoy children just as much as fairies do, and that the sound of one child’s laughter is enough to make a flower blossom and want to grow?

Fairies (2)










Fairy Grandmothers! Who knew?

Fairies (4)








There truly is magic in every garden, all one has to do is look.

Fairies (1)












Fairy Dusting

Spring is  the busiest time of year for all inhabitants of the Fairy Kingdom.

Home Place Fairy Folk  have the pleasant task of sprinkling fairy dust throughout the flower and woodland gardens here at the farm.


Pinch of Fairy Dust (3)








Little Delphinia Fairy sprinkles particles of magic dust throughout the woodland gardens among azaleas and rhododendrons who bow with graditude.








Fairy dust is composed of secret organic ingredients ground precious and fine which when sprinkled onto plants encourages them to sprout, blossom and grow.

The fairies left a bottle of fairy dust.


Fairy Dust has many magical applications besides encouraging flora to flourish and grow.







Each spring Fairy Folk leave me, as Seamstress to the Fairies a bottle of dust that has been specially ground. Just a wee pinch of dust sprinkled on an article of clothing I have sewn allows fairies who wear them to shape shift and change in size from fairy tiny to that of a mortal child.

A fairy fine dress for the Ball.










Here is a fairy dress that has just been sprinkled with fairy dust to reduce it to a wee small size.









There is magic all around, all you have to do is look.










Happy Spring!


spring (2)












Rose in the Garden of Possibilities

Rose rises early in the morning on the Summer Solstice.

In the Garden of Possibility  (1)





She greets the first day of Summer by entering the Garden of Possibilities in search of Home Place Fairy Folk.

In the Garden of Possibility  (3)






A sincere smile and a tender wish is all it takes to spot a Fairy or two.

In the Garden of Possibility  (2)





Magic exists all around us, all one has to do…is look.




Dreaming of Spring

Spring Dreaming.

Click on link below for a fairy fine spring video.












spring dreaming  (2)










spring dreaming  (1)








Music: Seamstress to the Fairies, an original composition on electric mbira.




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