A Fairy Merry Christmas To You

From the moment I stepped out into my dooryard this morning I knew this day was special.

All about me the ground was covered with new fallen snow; all was silent, all was still.

It is Christmas Eve, the eve before the most sacred  day of all days in all of the world .

Fairies,  humans and  animals all respect and honor this day.

Xmas Fairies (1)










I intentionally wandered about my farm with a deepening sense of gratitude for the God of all things whomever and whatever you perceive him to be.

Xmas Fairies (2)










Entering  the pit greenhouse far below the frost line, I was awed by how the greenery flourishes despite the outside snow.

Xmas Fairies (3)








In the Children’s Garden, all was still, the flowers  dormant under a blanket of white, not a fairy nor human in sight.

Xmas Fairies (4)






Crossing the back meadow I passed Old Horse as he stood sentry, guarding the entrance to the fairies winter chamber as he does each and every  day.







I headed up the knoll through the woodland with Paco to Blue Fairy Hill,

Xmas Eve (3)










We crossed the bridge over The Stream of Dreams where the wand makers create magic each Easter in spring.

Xmas Eve (1)








and we walked through the glen where the gnomes reside.

Xmas Eve (4)








Paco and I continued on, hiking to the top of the hill where I pledged my allegiance  to the land before me far and wide.







Just before dusk set in I heard laughter and caught a glimpse of a lone child  at the top of the hill as she danced with her Teddy  in the snow.

Xmas Fairies (8)










The child had discovered an enchanted Christmas Tree left by the Fairies.

Over her left shoulder the protective, guiding light of the north star watched as she sang thanks to the powers that be.

Heading back down the hill Paco and I entered  the enchanted Woodland where the Home Place Fairies dwell.

Xmas Eve (2)








There I left an offering in the Alter of the Fairies at the foot of their Great Oak Tree.












My gift to them, a token of thanks for all the magic they bring to our world.








As I left the woodland and headed for home I sensed but could not see the Home Place Fairy folk looking out at me.

Xmas Fairies (11)










My little farmhouse looks so cozy and warm after a day wandering about in the cold.







The walkway to home looks inviting, all a glimmer and welcoming with Christmas lights .

There truly is no place like home on a Christmas Eve night with loved ones, pets and family at your side.

Xmas Fairies (13)_1400x1050








Wishing You A Fairy Merry Christmas from the north side of a small mountain in Maine!

Love from  The Home Place Fairies and The Fairy Seamstress

Peace be within you.


The Magic of all your Believing

Christmas is a powerful time in the Fairy Kingdom, the Elves and Gnomes are particularly busy.

Human children far and wide are writing lists of wishes, wants and desires.

The Home Place Fairies cheerfully depart from cozy winter chambers waving wands, busily casting enchantments upon any childhood wish that happens to linger, determining the integrity of each wish by the weight of a child’s sincerity as opposed to desire.

The magic of all your believing begins with a wish…

The Magic of all your Believing










Christmas is the perfect occasion for creating your own great life story.

Imagine walking out your  front door into the world of your imagination.

How wonderful, how utterly fantastical that could be.

Merry Merry










Here atop Blue Fairy Hill a little girl dances alone with her Teddy in new fallen snow.

Wishing on Blue Fairy Hill










She dances the dance of the hopeful.

A dance of youth and infinite possibilities.

Waiting for Santa fairies too










Later she will return home to her sister and family.

She will carefully place the last ornament on their fir tree, wishing for kindness, for fresh food on their table, for family unity, love and understanding…. a game maybe and a new soft toy or two.

At the end of the day









At the end of the day she will fall asleep with her fuzzy in a box by the fire.

The Fairies will linger watching over the child, taking into account all of her dreams and desires, her past and present behaviors and the depth of her heart.

If they determine her worthy, which they do….they will weave together all of her wishes, hopes and desires into an invisible but potent shroud…

And they will cover the sleeping child with this shroud, instilling upon her the courage to strive and move forward, to believe in her own character…to have the bravery to live her own great story out loud.

Later this evening the child will not awaken as her Father carries her to her warm bed.








In the morning she will wonder if she only dreamed of all the fairies that danced the night before in the snow and around her head .











Merry Christmas

Old Horse_788x1050










From Old Horse and the slumbering Fairies

Fairy Greenhouse_788x1050










Merry Christmas

Seamstress to the Fairies and Santa










From The Seamstress to the Fairies and Santa!



Wishing You A Fairy Merry Christmas

From the north side of a small mountain in Maine we wish you a Fairy Merry Christmas and a Fairy Happy New Year!!!

A Fairy Merry Christmas (1)










What could be better than Christmas?

Why a Christmas Birthday!

A Fairy Merry Christmas (2)









Happy Birthday Nightingale and Feliz Cumpleanos Perico !!!

Good Tidings and Best Wishes From The Seamstress to The Fairies, The Home Place Fairies and Old Horse





















First Day of Winter Here in Maine

The first day of winter has arrived here at the Farm and the Home Place Fairy Folk celebrate accordingly.

Blue Fairy Hill the day before winter solstice






Blue Fairy Hill was covered in snow; a few days ago heavy December rains had washed our second snowfall away. Saturday evening more snow fell.

Before the first day of winters rain










What a difference a couple days can make.

Tiny Wonders of November_1244x1050









The Fairies have take notice when the temperatures warm, flying briefly from their chambers; dancing through the Enchanted Forest and all about the Farm before and after the rain. Fluttering back into their chambers well before the first snowflakes fall.

The first day of winter is called the Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day and longest night of the year. Here in Maine the official time of the Solstice for 2021 is 10:59 AM on the 21st of December..

So light a candle, burn a yule log, make a wish or say a prayer…just as the Home Place Fairies do.

The Winter Solstice officially occurs when the tilt of the earth is such that the North Pole is the farthest away from the sun. Which causes less light to reach the northern hemisphere.

Alter to the Home Place Fairies -










While out walking I was delighted to discover an invitation to come join the fairies in their Winter Chambers for Chamomile Cookies and tea.

Fairies (1)










The Winter Chambers of the Home Place Fairies is a very magical and secret homage nestled deep within the heart of an ancient Oak Tree  hidden in the Way Beyond of the Enchanted Forest.

Cast with three impenetrable Invisibility spells their fairy chamber remains fortified and protected,  impossible for any mortal to find.

The Wildlings know where it is, but they won’t tell.

Old Horse Fairy Guardian Oh Holy Night










As Seamstress to the Fairies I am a sworn keeper of their secrets. Because of this and my close relationship to Old Horse their Guardian and best friend, I have been invited to join them in their home quarters for Solstice Tea.

I am honored.

Seamstress to the Fairies inside the Fairies Winter Chambers










I will never be able to tell you how I got there as I am sworn to secrecy, and in truth, quite simply put, I do not know.

I only know I arrived and returned as if from a dream.

Enjoy the Solstice!


Where Do Fairies Go When It Snows?

Children have been asking this question for generations.

A wonderful book of poems called “Beyond The Mountain” by Sarah Stokes Halkett published in 1917 asks this same question.

beyond the mountain (1)










Here in Maine on the north side of a small mountain I am Seamstress to a troop of Home Place Fairies.

I sew and weave a very elaborate assortment of clothing for these fairies to suit their needs.

I also create with the fairies assistance what I like to call, “wearable gardens” for human children.

The Home Place Fairies in turn help the Wizard and I care for the orchards on our farm as well as assist bees pollinating flower and vegetable gardens and fields of organic blueberries.

Old Horse is Guardian of the Home Place Fairies and has lived here at the farm as long as anyone can remember.

2 2 2015 Blog Snow Horses Unicorns (2)_720x960










Long ago enchanted by the Fairies, he ages though he never grows old.

So where do the fairies go when it snows ….

Old Horse knows , but he’s not saying.

This sweet poem from “Beyond The Mountain” was asking that same question in 1917 and well, it’s still being asked today.


The Snowdrops

Where do the pretty fairies go

When the world is white with snow?


Spring 2017 june (1)a







where do the fairies go when it snows (2)








I asked the sun, he did not know,

He never saw the fairies go.

where do the fairies go when it snows (5)










Where do the gentle fairies stay

When all the world is cold and gray?

where do the fairies go when it snows (4)










I asked the moon, he could not say;

He too wonders where the fairies stay.

where do the fairies go when it snows (7)










Where do the pretty fairies hide

When on the snow we slip and slide?

where do the fairies go when it snows (6)










I asked the stars, they only sighed;

It’s lonely when the fairies hide.

Where do the pretty fairies go?

where do the fairies go when it snows (8)








I think perhaps the flowers know

I’ll wait until the snowdrops grow,

And ask them where the fairies go.


where do the fairies go when it snows (9)










Fairies are mysterious little beings and maybe we as humans are not meant to know the answer to every little thing.

Possibly real magic rests in faith and believing in possibilities and what you cannot always see;

in wondering, dreaming, the wishing upon stars .





Magic of Awareness

photo eliza massey









Silence has it’s own special kind of magic,

Just as singing does.




Tiny Wonders

The temperatures are cooling down and the first snowflakes are perhaps just hours away on the north side of this small mountain in Maine,

Tiny Wonders of November_1244x1050









During the shorter darker days of November there can be a temptation to dream of warmer hours in the garden with fairy folk.











Though truly whatever season, the natural world is simply wonderful.

November Tales (2)










The Memory Keeper’s Dress

Every few generations in each family there comes an individual who has a predestined path.

Known as The Memory Keeper this person is a family member who will gather together photographs and stories from our present day lives and those of our ancestors, saving and recording memorabilia that would otherwise become lost or forgotten.

Memory Keeper of the Present








In my family I am this generation’s Memory Keeper.

Memory Keeper










Several generations before me there was Margaret, my Grandfather’s sister. Through her son now passed many of the stories and photographs she shared with her only child, he passed down to me.

Margaret carried a memory book with her wherever she went, recording daily events as they transpired.

Memory Keeper with Bear










They say every picture tells a story. What do you think this one says about Margaret with this young park bear?

I think she looks more innocent than brave and that the bear appears as young and naive as she; happily enjoying the attentions of such a lovely girl.

Gordon Highlander Dingmans Ferry, PA Gordon Beattie, Summer 1906 l - Copy










Margaret kept a collection of photographs that have become family treasures, such as this one of Gordon Highlander her brother during a visit to Dingman’s Ferry in Pennsylvania standing proud before tall Hollyhocks.

It is expected and required that every Memory Keeper create a sacred vessel in which to house their family’s stories. This vessel is then cast with an enchantment by fairy folk to become a unique one of a kind register of a family’s tales.

Memory vessels are sacred for they carry the dreams, wishes and memories from previous generations to the present day. Passed down from one generation to the next they can serve as inspiration, offering guidance for those seekers that come after, so they know they are never alone; their ancestors are always by their side.

memory keepers book










Margaret created two sacred vessels, a leather bound book she carried everywhere recording as she went and an embroidered box which held photographs the previous Memory Keeper passed down to her.

Memory Keeper










When my turn came for making a sacred vessel of my own I waited until the evening of the first Full Moon of Autumn; then called upon the Home Place Fairies along with my ancestors for guidance and inspiration.









The fairies whispered, “use what you have at hand”.  All around me I saw an abundance of discarded cardboard and so with the remains of several large boxes I set about to construct my own unique memory vessel.

Being a Fairy Seamstress it seemed a natural choice that I might create some article of clothing; so I decided upon a dress, a dress made entirely of cardboard into which I would place my family’s memories.









I collected large boxes from my basement; I stomped up and down happily hopping on them to flatten and then carefully cut them into large pieces. Next I painted each piece of cardboard with three coats of fresh white gesso paint on both sides.  As I worked I noticed fairies arrived, sparkling and whispering at my side.

a bodice appears










Then I  began to sketch on the cardboard as a bodice appeared. I cut out the bodice; manipulating the cardboard “fabric” into a three dimensional shape which I glued together with a hot glue gun.

painting hues of pink










The Fairies in their excitement began sprinkling fairy dust on every piece of cardboard I’d painted in soft shades of pink.

Petals are cut







Next I was cutting and painting cardboard petals.,







cardboard butterflies…











and cardboard leaves which I painted a gentle shade of green.

petals for fairy dress










I was so inspired that I worked all through many days and several nights as a dress took form.











The fairies whispered, “wings”, and I was happy to oblige.


Memory Keepers Dress










I cut and glued together one large cardboard rose,  smaller flowers followed.

Memory Dress






Before me a lovely cardboard fairy dress had taken form. Inspired by my ancestors and encouraged by fairies, I had created my own unique vessel in which to hold my family’s dreams, stories and memories.

Memory Keepers Dress acquires wings










Wings enchanted with fairy dust, came to life on a dress made of cardboard inspired by fairies and ancestors who lived before me.











Every Memory Keeper must present a book of their own; the Fairies whispered to me…”Cardboard, cardboard, it’s in your bone, make a book to house those stories that are your family’s all alone.”

And so I did.


Memory Keepers Book








So I cut and bent more cardboard, I painted, I drew…and a beautiful book began to emerge filling with the stories of ancestors past.

Memory Keepers Book








A moth, a Sacred Luna Moth”, the Fairies whispered and I complied adding the finishing touch.

The Memory Keepers Dress






On the eleventh day the dress and book were done, a welcome vessel in which to contain all my families memories, past, present and yet to come.

memory keepers dress










Look about yourself at the material you have at hand to create your own memory vessel and you too can turn the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.











Some Fairy Fun Facts:

Robert Gair invented the folding cardboard box quite by accident in Brooklyn NY in 1879.

Robert was born in Edinburgh Scotland on July 31st 1839 and came alone to America in 1853 at age 14 to meet his father who had traveled on ahead.

Gair opened his first paper factory on Chambers Street in Manhattan during the year 1864.

He gave his employees one day off a week in which to tend their to gardens.










 79th Scottish Highlanders Left to right ,

Captain Robert Gair standing

1st Lieutenant Lawrence Beattie seated

and James Arnott



Have a Fairy Fine Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving; a welcome rain falls.

Yesterday, grand children wrote a welcome to the fairies on our greenhouse door hoping to lure them from their winter chambers one last time.

Fairy Fine Thanksgiving (6)










It appears to have worked, as all of a sudden the little greenhouse filled with fairy dust; twinkled and glowed!










In the afternoon a fox-child looks out from a window, happy to see fairies taking flight. The fox-child knows no heavy snow is predicted for the night.

the day before thanksgiving (2)










Meanwhile deep in the forest of evergreens, a little girl helps her grandfather gather boughs before the sun sets on the horizon, a small group of Home Place Fairy Folk accompany her wherever she goes.

Late in the day she heads home with grandfather for hot chocolate.

All of the fairies return to their winter chambers and the fox-child returns to where ever it is that fox-children go.

Fairy Fine Thanksgiving (5)








Just before dark a light snow falls and Old Horse returns to his stable for a meal of hay and grain.

Old Horse int he Snow








Fairies and children are snug in their beds when night arrives.

During the deepest, darkest hours of a November night a light snow falls, winds howl and the fox-child does too.

When morning comes the sun shines on Thanksgiving Day.

Inside the greenhouse left over fairy dust continues to glimmer and glow.

Happy Thanksgiving (3)










Here at the Farm our Thanksgiving turkey is roasted and the first child to see it cheers.

Why those dear little Home Place Fairies have sprinkled our turkey with fairy dust ground precious and fine!

A  fairy dusted roast turkey is a gift of appreciation from fairy folks to humans who honor the natural world.

Our  fairy seasoned turkey is filled with gratefulness, joy and good tidings.

Those who eat this bird will feel fulfillment and have an abundance of holiday cheer.

Happy Thanksgiving (2)







Have A Fairy Fine Thanksgiving Holiday!

And you never know maybe, just maybe there might be a  fox-child or Home Place Fairy peeking out at you!

Happy Thanksgiving (1)











Wit and Wisdom Amongst the Boughs of a Giant Wolf River Apple Tree

Fae in the Wolf River Apple Tree










I know nothing with any certainty,

but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

Vincent van Gogh



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