Every Garden Has a Story

Spring has arrived here on the north side of a small mountain in Maine.

spring (4)










Home Place Fairy folk are busy sprinkling my gardens with fairy dust, encouraging plants to sprout, blossom and grow.


spring (11)










spring (10)










Children help with gardening chores, enjoying the wonders of the natural world around themselves.


spring (3)










Swallow tail butterflies arrive savoring the sweet nectar of lilacs in bloom.


Robin's Nest






A Robin has nested among the greenhouse pots and laid a beautiful smooth blue egg which the fairies have sprinkled with protective dust.


spring (6)










Older fairies teach younger ones the art of spreading fairy dust ground precious and fine.

spring (1)










Once educated, out into the garden these young fairies go to spread their magic.


spring (7)








Fairy Dogs serve a special purpose. When they flutter and fly they circle the gardens round and round, increasing their speed. This causes the air to circulate and  fairy dust to scatter both high and low so all plants are touched with this magical powder.


spring (5)










The Fairy Seamstress makes certain all bird baths and fountains are full of fresh clean well water for the nourishment of Fairy Folk and Wild-lings.

spring has come






There really is magic in every garden,












All one has to do

La Luna Moth










Is look…


A Home Place Fairies Tale: Old Horse and The Wand Makers

Each spring there is one day before the green buds in the trees that is filledduring the twilight hours just before darkness turns to dawn when the veil between the fairy kingdom and the human world thins. During these few hours the Home Place Fairies have the ability to shed their wings and shape shift into the size of a mortal child.

Somewhere far away in New England on the north side of a mountain in a village of hope, a small troop of Home Place Fairies gather together in the deepest hours of twilight. On this evening each year they have the ability to shape shift, increasing their size to that of mortal children. In order to do so they must shed their wings and leave them behind closeted deep within their chambers of an old oak tree.

With fine woven willow baskets they set about capturing stardust to later grind into fairy dust precious and fine.

While a human child slumbers in a farmhouse nearby the fairies happily gather stardust to grind into powder, precious and fine.

Nightingale and LaLuna fill their baskets while a human child dreams within the small little farmhouse and an old horse stand by.

Filling finely woven willow baskets the fairies look high and they look low.  Sensing the sleeping child they enter her dream. All the while an old horse stands watching , he’s waited many years for this day.


They are the wand makers and this is their hour . They have no time to waste as they march across the meadow as they march across the meadow to the stream of dreams.

They are the Wand Makers and this is their hour . These fairies have no time to waste as they march across the meadow through the forest to the Stream of Dreams.

Here stands La Rosa the lightest of the Home Place Fairies .

Here stands La Rosa, she is the Wand Keeper .

It is during these twilight hours of enchantment when starlight frop from the sky. Floating down the stream of dreams captured by the fairies creating powerful wands.

It is during these twilight hours of enchantment that stars reflections drop from the sky. Floating down the Stream of Dreams they are captured by the fairies on twigs of apple, ash and oak, creating powerful wands.

The fairies must work together in tandem capturing enough light to empower their wands for one full season straight through to the following year.

The Wand Makers must work together in tandem capturing enough starlight to empower all of their wands for one full year. Only on this day early each spring, before the buds turn green can they work this magic.

They work hard and in silence and with great concentration. For they must not miss one starlight's reflection nor one child's dream.

The Fairies work hard and in silence, with great concentration. They must not miss one starlight’s reflection as each represents a mortal child ‘s dream.

"The old horse is waiting and time is running short. " LaRosa tells the wand makers .

“Old Horse is waiting and time is running short. ” La Rosa tells the Wand Makers .

Nightin Gale and Lullah Blue take their wands and they walk the old horse who has been watching and waiting near by.

Nightingale and Lula Belle join Old Horse who has been watching and waiting near by.

Old Horse follows Nightingale . He's been through this before and he knows what must be done.

Old Horse follows Nightingale. He’s been through this before and he knows what must be done.

To the edge of the meadow  where the ancient orchard grows Nightingale and Lullah Blu walk the Old Horse. While in the farmhouse nearby a mortal child lays sleeping dreaming of a magic horse to be her best friend.

To the edge of the meadow where the ancient orchard grows they take him, while in the farmhouse a girl child lays dreaming of starlight, and wands.

Old Horse bows his head as the fairies work their magic. He is re-enchanted with everlasting time. Though he ages he never grows old.

Into the little girl's dream the fairies enter leading Old Horse . "Come with us" they say.

Into the little girl’s dream the fairies enter. “Come with us.” they whisper to the sleeping child.

And so the girl follows the fairies and old horse deeper into her dream.

And so the girl follows the fairies and Old Horse follows them, deeper into her dream they go.

For some children special children, horses are sent as guardians, gifts from the faires, to be their protectors and best friends. These horses will be To this girl, like mother before her, Old Horse will be sent as guardian, a gift from the fairies. He will be this child’s protector and her sister’s too. He will watch over them for always. Horse has done this before and he will do this again and again.

As the darkness begins to fade and dawn is on the rise the fairies must gather their wands and stardust and head back to their chamber

As darkness begins to fade and dawn is on the rise the fairies gather their wands and stardust. Quickly they must head back to their chambers. At the entrance they will shape shift back to their wee size, adorn their wings and into the garden take flight.

The little girl awakens to find the Old Horse

In the morning when the little girl awakens, she walks  far into the meadow where the orchard grows.  She sees an old horse standing, waiting and she knows he is there for her; she recognizes him from her dreams. Together they walk as she leads him out of his past and into their future.



The Magic of Childhood

Long ago and not so far away, an enchanted pony and a small group of children gathered together each and every spring.

With Fairies beside them the children rode horseback and danced in a woodland glen.

Now these children are children no more and they watch as their own young children dance and mingle with the fairy folk.

Magic of Childhood










The world around us is truly enchanting; it’s what you make of it.




Dreaming of Spring

May Fae










Here Ye, Hear Ye… Spring is right around the corner!











The back meadow at my farm is visited daily by a flock of Robins as well as a gathering of Blue Jays.

How lovely the air smells, how soft the ground once hard has become beneath my rubber booted feet.

Old Horse in the Poppies










Soon fairies will awaken from their long winter slumber and leave the forest to join Old Horse and myself in the gardens.

Forest Fae









Come Spring










For now I tidy up the glass greenhouse readying to start planting seeds; I  water the pithouse more often now as the temperatures rise; the sun shines brighter and the days are longer and warmer.

Fairy Pit House









Please click on the link below to enjoy a happy little spring time video.


Come Spring (3)








Dreaming … Spring IS just around the corner!

Old Horse and the Fairies










Horse Faes












Thinking of Spring

A glorious winter morning in Maine.











A day when Fairy Folk might come out into the gardens to dance and play.

Heaven on Earth with sky so blue.











Spring is just around the corner…


Somewhere Over the Mountain

Somewhere far away on the north side of small mountain is a land filled with all sorts of magical possibilities.

A large and very beautiful garden lays resting beneath a covering of soft white snow…

where do the fairies go when it snows (6)










Click on link below to experience a glimpse of this wonderland…


Blue Fairy Hill






Xmas Eve (2)












New Year Blessing of the Gardens


where do the fairies go when it snows (2)








If you like, you may click on the link below for some images from our New Year’s Day Blessing of the Gardens:

Happy New Year from the Seamstress to the Fairies

Hapy New Year 2017 (5)






Hapy New Year 2017 (2)









The Little Fairy Wardrobe of Possibilities

This morning’s view from the  Seamstress to the Fairies Fairy Wardrobe Chamber, a place where mortal children may mingle with genuine fairies while trying on costumes and selecting magical musical instruments for pleasure.

First Snow  Fairy Wardrobe Chamber








The potential for “magical” expression rests within each and everyone of us.

First Snow (3)








It is in our ordinary day to day life experiences that opportunities for creativity lie waiting to be released and shared with those around us.

Many years ago the Wizard built this magical building for the Fairy Seamstress as a potting shed for her gardens.

First Snow (2)










However both the shed and the Fairy Seamstress had other ideas. No ordinary potting shed was this building meant to be.

look real close  (3)










Enchanted by the Home Place Fairies with possibilities the little shed took on a life of her own,  becoming known as The Fairy Wardrobe Chamber.

Fae Wardrobe spring






Each year children come from near and far, they enter the magical chamber with great anticipation and lots of untapped imagination.

seamstress to the fairies (2)










The Fairy Wardrobe Chamber encourages children to slow down and take their time; to look closely at the smallest of things, those objects often overlooked which reside just a wee bit above, below or around themselves.

7 7 choices








The Little Wardrobe Chamber is filled with exquisite items of beauty and curiosity and her collection of musical instruments is ever expanding.

Luna in the wardrobe










She encourages children to use their imagination and adorn themselves in her finery and go outdoors to play.

Live your own story










Once children have selected costumes they enter into the gardens, all of which have been enchanted with real fairy dust (of course) .

Fairy Garden of Hope




and somehow…  nothing ever seems quite the same as it did before.

Grand Fairy Tea








Possibilities for expression surround us everywhere, all one has to do is look.

Grand Fairy tea 2016 (12)














Where Do Fairies Go When It Snows?

Children have been asking this question for generations.

A wonderful book of poems called “Beyond The Mountain” by Sarah Stokes Halkett published in 1917 asks this same question.

beyond the mountain  (1)










Here in Maine on the north side of a small mountain I am Seamstress to a troop of Home Place Fairies.

I sew and weave a very elaborate assortment of clothing for these fairies to suit their needs.

I also create with the fairies assistance what I like to call, “wearable gardens” for human children.

The Home Place Fairies in turn help the Wizard and I care for the orchards on our farm as well as assist bees pollinating flower and vegetable gardens and fields of organic blueberries.









Old Horse is Guardian of the Home Place Fairies and has lived here at the farm as long as anyone can remember.

2 2 2015 Blog Snow Horses Unicorns (2)_720x960










Long ago enchanted by the Fairies, he ages though he never grows old.

So where do the fairies go when it snows ….

Old Horse knows , but he’s not saying.

This sweet poem from “Beyond The Mountain” was asking that same question in 1917 and well, it’s still being asked today.


The Snowdrops

Where do the pretty fairies go

When the world is white with snow?







where do the fairies go when it snows (2)








I asked the sun, he did not know,

He never saw the fairies go.

where do the fairies go when it snows (5)










Where do the gentle fairies stay

When all the world is cold and gray?

where do the fairies go when it snows (4)










I asked the moon, he could not say;

He too wonders where the fairies stay.

where do the fairies go when it snows (7)










Where do the pretty fairies hide

When on the snow we slip and slide?

where do the fairies go when it snows (6)










I asked the stars, they only sighed;

It’s lonely when the fairies hide.

Where do the pretty fairies go?

where do the fairies go when it snows (8)








I think perhaps the flowers know

I’ll wait until the snowdrops grow,

And ask them where the fairies go.


where do the fairies go when it snows (9)










Fairies are mysterious little beings and maybe we as humans are not meant to know the answer to every little thing.

Possibly real magic rests in faith

In believing in possibilities and what you cannot always see.

Wondering, dreaming

the wishing upon stars ….






“Be yourself.”


Full Blue Moon










“Everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde


Full Moon Midnight Blue  (3)


















Blue Fae












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